Saturday, 10 January 2009

Farewell Party.

Okay went home after the parade and photo-taking ended at around 12pm, then bathed, changed and went out for farewell party. =D

Had lunch at Long John Silver with Hao Xiang, Joshua and Wei Kit, and we saw a vampire!


I'm supposed to post this picture but not say anything about it. =)

This picture also. *eyebrows moving up and down*

DSC_9999 pic! Rather failed attempt to form 9999 with people's handphones. Haha.

Awards! Haha. I got the Most Humorous Award for some reason.

See see! Hahaha. Gosh I'm humorous!

Haha pictures were all taken by Hao Xiang or me this time because Stephen, Ryan and Lenson went off to Paragon to remove Lenson's wisdom teeth. Lenson lent me his D300 with 24-70mm f2.8 G Lens though. Hahaha. =D Party was quite okay la, had lots of fun watching people do stupid things and doing stupid things too.

Nigel!! Haha I took lots of pictures with him!

"When faced with a disappointing surprise.."

Lots more pictures on Facebook. Because I don't want to add so many pictures to this blog. =)

Okay went home, bathed, changed and went out again! Hahaha. Although I was getting loads of stares from people on the way home cause my bag had no space to keep Lenson's D300 with 24-70mm f2.8 G lens, so I had to carry it on the MRT back. Blee. =\

Went to Lenson's house to return him his camera at around 9pm, then went to Plaza Singapura to meet up with the rest and catch a late night movie. =) Watched Twilight. Hahaha. The movie was okay, although I thought they were talking most of the time instead of biting people or running around and all that. I did read the book la, so I guess it stayed true to the book mostly.

Took a train back, alighted at Kovan and went for supper with Wei Kit, Joshua, Hao Xiang and Eguene. Then we walked all the way to Eugene's house because it was 1am+ already and there were no more buses. Haha. Was like, playing Halo 3 at his house and feeling very energetic when suddenly I had a headache and fell asleep at 3am. =S

Woke up on Christmas Eve at around 8am, then took a bus back home. =D

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