Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Teacher's Retreat.

Went to take pictures of the school's staff retreat at Orchid Country club on the 29th December with Ryan, Lenson and Stephen. Haha. It was quite interesting seeing the teachers in a different light. =)

Pictures of ourselves hahaha.

Minghui the Wedding Car Driver for two teachers. *cough*

I have no idea what Stephen and Lenson are doing. Hahahaha.

We left shortly after lunch, had a ride to the MRT by this alumni member we met named Robin. Hahaha. He's quite cool la, Ryan, Stephen and me were in the back of his Kangaroo van when he asked us to belt up. When there weren't any seatbelts. -.- Then we were like searching around for the seatbelts blee. Not everyday that you get pranked by an adult. Mr Yeo's the exception. =P

Went to Funan/Peninsula for a while in the afternoon. Haha. Went around looking for shutter-release cables and wireless remotes and lenses and cameras and all that other complicated camera things. =D

Then we accompanied Lenson to his dentist at Paragon because his mouth was very painful. Wah that place is like the medical place to go to if you're rich and have cash to burn. Like a Polyclinic for the rich haha.

Had dinner at Macdonald's somewhere? Hahaha. I forgot where it was already but I remember it was a Macdonald's la.

Then went to Starbucks! Hahaha. Played around with Ryan's black and white film whilst waiting for Koon Tat. Then we walked to Shaw and watch Twilight at night.

Twilight. Again. Hahahaha. I'm like some crazy fan or something uh. But never mind cause I promised Koon Tat I'll watch with him and I'm a man of my word! Hahahaha. The theater at Shaw was bigger though. =D

Unfortunately, the movie ended at around 11.40pm and we missed both the last train and last 132 towards Hougang. So we took some other random bus to Serangoon and took a cab back from there instead. Hahaha. Started talking like Barbarella Posh Beckham because we walked past Orchard Towers hahaha! I think I'm most crazy when it's 1am or something. Heh.

Oh and I just remembered I have to pay Ryan, Stephen and Koon Tat $5.50 for the cab fare. =S I forgot.

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