Sunday, 11 January 2009

Christmas 2008.

My Christmas was rather normal this year, spent Christmas Eve with relatives and all at home. It came and went by rather fast for me, I think because I've been rushing around doing a million and one different things. My living room was painted a new shade of blue and grey, and the Christmas tree was out too! Hahaha my Christmas tree rotates! =D

Stationary. Okay the tree gets stuck when rotating sometimes for some strange reason. Bleh. I think it's due to the excessive decorations on the tree weighing it down. Haha.

My Christmas Present! From 'Santa'. Now you know where I get my lame genes from uh. =P

Haha I opened my present and found popcorn inside. I think it's cheese, caramel and butter. And I haven't finished it yet. =S

Went to Church on Christmas Morning. Sermon was okay, was about people that miss the whole point of Christmas which is to celebrate the birth of Christ. Exchanged Christmas cards with people too, haha. Gave people Christmas "3"s on my cards. =)

Had lunch at Sizzler's at Suntec City. And it was super expensive. =/ But it was nice la. Haha. Then went back home and I spent the rest of my Christmas sleeping at home. =D

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