Monday, 11 February 2008

First 4 Days Of CNY.

Okay I shall attempt to breeze through everything so I won't get bored. =D

Erm woke up at the amazingly early time of 10am on the First day. Haha =X Went to Vivo for lunch, then walked around the area with my family trying to find some way to get into Sentosa. Like, it was super crowded, super long queues at the bus interchange, the Sentosa Express and the Cable-Car station. So we gave up and took a bus to East Coast.

Haha, we walked like 4km from the bus stop at East Coast road to the beach. And it was super crowded too. Blee. Lots of people camping there. Stayed there for a while, then decided to take a bus to The Esplanade.

Esplanade/Marina Bay area was super crowded too. Walked around for awhile, ate dinner there, watched the fireworks at 9:30pm (Fireworks again...Yawn), then walked to Clarke Quay and took a train back home.

Second day was spent visiting relatives. =) Received about $100 in ang baos. Yes, Minghui is a very poor guy. =(

Went cycling at Pasir Ris Park on the 3rd day. Lots of people camping there too. Haha. Oh yes, re-stringed my guitar too cause the old strings all cannot make it already.

Went Church on the 4th day. Then went to Plaza Sing to buy a new guitar tuner cause the old one suddenly refused to turn on one fine day.

Yea, that's pretty much a short summary of what happened. Blee, I would have blogged longer, but I think there's too many things to do already la. =/

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