Friday, 29 February 2008

The Double Botak.

Haha okay haven't posted pictures in a long time so today I shall show you what I ate for dinner with Stephen yesterday. =D

Haha. The Double Botak burger at Botak Jones Ang Mo Kio.

Wanted to go there with Stephen for a very long time, since 2007? So we finally decided to go there, jio-ed a lot of people at first but in the end it was just him and me cause the rest ps.

Went there yesterday after Maths Remedial, took bus 74 with Justin cause he was going home. Alighted with Justin and waited for 88 at his house bus stop. Like 2 guys waiting around spinning pens. =D

We both didn't really no where to alight, but we saw the sign. =D

I ordered the Double Botak with cheese and bacon, Stephen ordered the Double Botak with cheese, bacon and mushrooms. Mine cost $15.

Like super shiok la, even though it's $15. The Double Botak is basically a burger with 2 200gram patties made from minced beef. The patty itself is like as thick as my wrist, and as wide as my palm? Add in fries, coleslaw, lettuce, onions, cheese and bacon, and you have $15. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

Almost couldn't finish the thing la. By the time I ate one patty I was feeling slightly full already. =X

End Result:
I didn't finish the onions larr, cause I don't exactly love onions. And I wanted it to look like a guy with fangs, but somehow the fangs didn't turn out right.

Was super full after that la, and realized I gained 2 kilograms when I went home. =\ But it's definitely worth it man. First time I've ever traveled so far with a friend just for food. Heh. =)

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