Thursday, 24 January 2008

Sec 2 Adventure Camp 2008

Haha. No I'm not a Sec 2 all over again. I'm a PSL for the camp. (duh)

My class was 2 Joy along with Xin Yi, Arvin and Kimberly.

Okay, woke up at about 5:30am last Sunday. Went to Chee Sheng's house first for no particular reason. Was kind of tired already, but at least my leg wasn't that bad. =) Haha.

Stayed at his house for about 15 minutes. Then went to school. Oh yes Chee Sheng treated me to breakfast and iodine for my leg. =D The iodine looks like blueberry jam.

Went to school, met our class for the first time. Haha. 2 Joy is an okay class la. Haha I don't think I should blog about what happened on a detailed basis cause I would fall asleep myself. =)

The campsite was opposite Sarimbun Scout Camp, which I went to during my Primary 5 day camp. My first camp was Sec 1 orientation? Never had Pri 5 or 6 residential camps cause of SARS and all. Anyways, campsite was called MOE Jalan Bahtera Adventure Camp.

Shared my utensils with Arvin cause one of the boys from 2 Joy forgot to bring his utensils. Haha, everyone thought I was super greedy cause I took double portions of food on my plate. We played rock paper scissors to decide who gets to use the spoon. Cause using a fork to eat rice is painfully slow and hard. =/ I lost for lunch and had to use the fork.

There was high elements for our first activity, although not many people tried the different 'elements' due to time constraints. Ah wells, there's still OBS next year for them. Haha. And ATC for those in NPCC.

Then was their shower time. But we didn't shower cause we are clean people. =P There was this lizard that crawled into a boy's clothes when he went to bathe but crawled out just before he came out. =D If not I think he would have a huge shock. =X

Dinner after that. This time I won Arvin la. =P

Campfire Preparation for my class after that. They didn't really pay attention and focus on the campfire performance a lot. But at least some of them did la. =) Haha, and I don't think I was exactly focused when 2 Integrity had campfire prep either.

After failing to really get them to concentrate for a while, we went for supper. Hot dog buns and milo. Everyone was like falling asleep la. Hao Xiang was kind of low during supper. But after doing super lame things with him we both became very high already. Like super lame la, I pointed a finger accusingly at him saying: "You...You..." Then he started pointing at himself saying: "Me...Me..." And Chee Sheng tried to pull the moon closer or something.

Debriefing after that. Then lights off. PSLs and PCs went to bathe. Then slept at around 1+am.

Woke up on Day 2 at exactly 5am. Haha, strangely I didn't feel that tired at all even though I slept for about 4 hours. Maybe it's cause Sec 2 camp is not as tough as NCO camp? =) PT time, then breakfast which was Nasi Lemak.

Proceeded to sea activities after that. My class went for kayaking first. I would say OBS kayaking is more fun cause we kayak for about 4 hours, it was only around 1 hour this time. But we kayaked out to the kelongs on the sea and tried to make the raft thing. =D

Oh yes, my paddle accidentally grazed against my knee and wiped off the iodine a bit. Beneath was kind of disgusting la, the 'blueberry' jam became 'raspberry'. =P

After that was rafting. They had to build a raft using the standard barrels and poles. Didn't really help them much la, maybe it's my fault that they didn't get to go to sea? =/ But it's not PSL adventure camp or something. And they would most likely do the same thing during OBS too.

My class didn't have time to bathe after that, so they only rinsed and changed clothes. Me and Xin Yi just washed ourselves with water without changing. Haha. Like it takes such a long time for the NPDP shirt to dry.

Lunch after that. Hao Xiang wasn't hungry for some reason and lent me his spoon. Haha yay!

Then was station games. My class wasn't really high la. =X Most of the games reminded me of my own Sec 2 camp, which I did blog about. =)

Then was shower time. My class had 30 minutes to bathe but most chose not to cause they were going home the next day. o.O They simply changed to their camp tee-shirt.

Dinner was rice with dishes. In fact, every single lunch and dinner was rice with dishes. =) I won Arvin and used spoon again. I'm a pro at rock paper scissors. =P

Campfire. Was 'quite' high with the PSLs and all. But my class wasn't all that high la. =( Thought up a PSL performance skit in 15 minutes during the campfire itself. Haha, although it was almost impromptu stuff, it was still quite funny la. =D

Everyone was like super tired during supper time. Most didn't want to eat. Like, supper was pandan bread leh.

Debriefing after that. Most of the class was half asleep by then. Hope they did at least listen to what I said. =)

Then was lights out, and we went to bathe. Slept at around 1+am again.

Woke up at around 5:30am this time. =X

Arvin got back his utensils from the camper so we didn't have to play rock paper scissors. Haha.

Area cleaning, my class cleaned the toilets. =D Some people were quite enthusiastic about it man! Although some were standing around with nothing to do.

Diligence won best class during prize presentation, then we boarded the bus back to school.

Stayed in school for quite some time waiting for Hao Xiang to finish his Social Studies test. Haha, Malvina had this like lollipop balloon thing which View Meng brought up to class la. Hereby making me knock on the door and ask my English teacher for the lollipop. =X

Went for lunch at around 2pm with Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Arvin and Bryan. 3 NP people and 2 Scouts. Haha, we talked for quite some time then went home.

Yep, that was the end of the camp. My class was still a great class even though they could be rowdy at times. Haha, they've given me an unforgettable, memorable experience. =)

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