Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Okay went to school on Monday. Monday was Elaine's birthday so Happy Belated Birthday! School was normal la, Maths first thing in the morning followed by Chinese. =/

Got punished during Geography cause a few of us were late. =\ I did break-dancing as punishment. ;)

Went down after school to celebrate Elaine's 16th Birthday. Haha. The candles were a self reigniting, extremely difficult to blow out type. Played around with the cake a bit and got plastered with cream stuff. So one side of my face smelled like cream until I finally bathed when I reached home.

Went for CEC/PSL/House Captain Investiture Rehearsal after that. Haha, weird la, why invest PSLs now when there's nothing much left for us to do anyways?

But anyways, joked around with the few people sitting around me and endured false rumors about my association with someone of the opposite sex. -.- Poked Arivn and got slapped in the chest in return too.

Haha, after the rehearsal went to Plaza Sing to catch a movie. Watched Jumper at Cathay. I almost fell asleep during the movie la. But I wanted to see how the plot ended so I struggled to stay awake. Horrible half-awake half-asleep feeling la. Felt like I was in a maths lesson or something. Heehee.

Movie was okay la, concept is good but poorly-executed in my opinion. The "jumping" parts get kind of repetitive after a while, and there's no theory behind the jumping at all. Unless you count something about paladins and witch burning which is a totally stupid way of trying to piece together history.

Went home after that. Walked from the MRT to Denise's house because the bus/lrt took a long time to come and we got tired of waiting. Haha, I think it's such a huge waste of time and energy for me, but at least got learn some things. ;)

Reached home at around 8pm. Slept exactly at midnight. =(

Went to school on Tuesday. =D Some people were finding me cause they wanted to ask me to join an inter-school Halo 3 competition. Gasp. Like, I haven't played Halo 3 since going to Wen Jie's house last year. And that was the first time I ever touched Halo 3. =X

Had to write an essay for Chinese. =X 1 and a 1/2 hours of my life wasted writing a story about seeing a fictitious classmate cheating and deciding not to report to the teacher cause it would ruin his life.

Bleh. Watched a video during History also. Video was about the Cold War. This time I really felt like sleeping, but the seats in the AVA room are super uncomfortable! Like I can't lean back at all cause I'm too tall man! So I ended up staying awake and listening to every single aspect of the video. But some parts the teacher said were factually wrong. Like Osama was not a leader of the Taliban during the cold war, he only became a leader until much later.

Rest of lessons were boring la, nothing interesting happened.

Chinese lessons were after school, so on top of doing an essay we had to do a O lvl paper 2 too. Gah. =(

Went to Hougang Mall to search for a present after school. Didn't find so we went to Plaza Sing. =X Bought the present, then spent quite some time making it at Plaza Sing's food court with Stephen and Denise.
Haha. I'm being purposefully mysterious. ;)

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