Sunday, 17 February 2008


Training was on Saturday. Woke up at 7am with that horrible feeling going back to sleep feeling again. =X Cause I slept at around midnight the night before (again =/).

Saturday's training was exactly 6 months and 1 day from the 1st training we had. Since August 15th 2007. O.o Kind of puts things in perspective when you realise we've been training for 6 months already. And the competition is in 5 days.

Trained from 8am to 1pm, by the end I was like going to sleep at any moment.

Went for lunch with Wei Kit alone cause the rest all got things on la. But Hao Xiang, Hao Yi and some other guy whose name I don't know joined us for lunch.

Walked home after that cause I felt like walking home. Yar I think I'm crazy or something la, walking that 5 or 6 km walk cause I feel like it. But I didn't feel tired after lunch. Heh.

Went home, and I no longer felt like sleeping immediately. Maybe cause I was so excited at the prospect of no longer having anything to do for the weekend or whatever. Cause the past 3 days or so were filled with consecutively occurring events.

So I went to use the computer. Can't remember what I did though. =X

Went out at night for dinner. Went to Sentosa. Haha. That's like the 3rd time I went to Sentosa for this year already. =/ Went to see this flower thing, super crowded with lots of tourists. Then went back to Vivo for dinner. Decided to watch Ah Long Pte Limited at 9.20pm. Yay. Best thing about watching movies with your family is that you don't have to pay for anything! =D

Ah Long Pte Limited was funny la. Some parts were extremely stupid, haha. Movie ended at around 11.30pm, caught one of the last few trains back home. And that was the end of my Saturday. =) Of course, I went home feeling dead tired la.

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