Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Valentines Day Eve.

Okay haven't updated on the past week since Sunday either, so I'll do it now.

Monday-School, then practice at Lenson's house.
Tuesday-School, Chinese extra lessons, then practice at Lenson's house.
Today-School, Social Studies extra lessons, Physics extra lessons, campcraft training.

I think it's like, increasing exponentially or something. =/

Anyways, practiced playing at Lenson's house for the Valentines day concert in school. Which is tomorrow. Haha, saw his Kawai piano made of ivory keys with a soft fall system. Cool man!

Extra lessons after school were spent with some horribly sweet dark chocolate from Lenson. (heh)

Spending the past few days catching up on homework too. Which is like this humongous gigantic pile which grows relentlessly. Just imagine some huge monster made out of books. GAAA. And I stupidly did the 2005 O level paper in the 10 years series for English when we were actually supposed to do 2004. =(

And I bathed Snowie yesterday, chased him around for quite some time, worse than shuttle run cause the thing you're supposed to pick up is scampering everywhere and hiding in corners and underneath chairs and tables.

Oh yes, I realised that I can't sleep at night. In fact, I haven't slept at night for about 2 weeks already. Like, I always end up sleeping at midnight, or 1am, or 2am, or 3am no matter how tired I am. Like, I tried to go to sleep yesterday at 11pm but only fell asleep at around 2am larr. Wasted 3 hours of my life tossing and turning. =( And any attempt to try and go to sleep earlier always fails cause of some random reason. Maybe my body clock is fixed on sleeping in the morning already. But I shall test this hypothesis tonight when I go to sleep early! =D

Except 10:55pm isn't exactly early lar. =(

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