Sunday, 24 February 2008

K + H20 = ?

Explosion! Haha just some random thing we learned in Chemistry about the reactivity of metals. Cause it's the first time I've ever heard the word explosion being used by a Chemistry teacher in class. o.O

Was asked to bring my parent's letter explaining why I pon was absent for school on New Year's Eve. View Meng also, except he had a valid reason cause he went to Malaysia to visit his relatives. Blah. We both forgot to bring our letters for quite some time already. So our form teacher asked us to take out our handbooks and write down to bring the letter tomorrow. Then she asked us to sign the handbook too. =X Kind of reminds me of Primary School where teacher's used to write in my handbook all the time. =\

I passed her the letter on Friday la. She was like saying family reunions are not valid reasons to miss school. It wasn't actually a family reunion la, more like a slept at 5am hence overslept for school kind of thing.

Had E Maths common test which I think went rather okay. At least I knew how to do page 1. =)

Also had English common test on Proposal writing. Spent a long time writing the first and second paragraph, so I was like rushing through everything else. Bleh. But I don't really worry about English tests one la. =P

Chemistry extra lessons after school on Wednesday, where we learned about explosions. Haha. Like seriously for all the 8 years since Primary 3 when I first started taking Science, I've never heard the word explosion. I remember lots and lots of references to volcanic eruptions/bicarbonate soda with vinegar though, until I got so sick of such experiments.

Campcraft training after Chemistry. It was the last Campcraft training till the competition date. =/

About 50% of the boys in my class now have a Sony Playstation Portable. =\ Haha, everyone's playing Bomberman on PSP now. Though I'd much rather save the money spent for a D80 or an electric guitar. =)

There was PE lessons on Thursday. We played Captains' Ball cause the field was taken and we couldn't play Softball.

English extra lessons after school, going through O Level 2004 paper which I feel was done rather horribly, 31/50? =X

Wan Ting says I look like a freelance writer who drinks in the future. Blee. Can you imagine me as an alcoholic? Haha, and freelance writing is a scary job cause you never know when you're going to run out of ideas.

Woke up super early at 6am on Friday because of the PSL Investiture. Met Hao Xiang outside Cheers, then went to our classes to put our bags, then went to Canteen to wait. Friday was also Founder's day for Scouts and Guides? =)

Hao Xiang and me created a re-mixed version of Little Green Frog with Beat-Boxing. Haha very stupid.

Went downstairs after the Investiture for Photo-taking. Was like hinting around at Hao Xiang and Malvina and running behind Chee Sheng whenever Malvina wanted to beat me. "老鹰抓小鸡!" Haha.

Hao Xiang carried my suddenly when taking an informal group photo. Unfortunately I can't carry him for obvious reasons. ;)

Social Studies test immediately after the photo-taking. Structured Essay Question. Bleh. But it was kind of easy cause we were given half-an-hour beforehand to read the textbook and memorise. I used examples not from the textbook though, like the Patriot Act. Don't know if I well get marked down or up though.

LCE presentation for LCE. Was quite okay la, considering the fact that we started working on the project the day before and completed it in a day.

NPCC after school on Friday. Sec 3 squad had 5 people. Cause NPAP people went for training. Squad was very sian during drills for some reason. Like everyone super tired and want to fall asleep. 3BX for PT in hall. Then went home almost immediately after NPCC cause I felt like dropping dead already.

Went home and slept from 9pm-5am. The rest shall be in another post. =)

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