Thursday, 7 February 2008

Lunar New Year.

Haha okay my blog's been pretty inactive for about 5 days already.

Didn't really update cause my life is pretty boring and repetitive lately. Like it's either campcraft trainings, or school, or some other thing that's slowly eating away my life. It sounds horrible when you put it that way right? =D

Anyways, nothing interesting really happened during school hours either, I think blogging about whatever lessons that happened gets boring after a while.

But we got to use computers and surf the net during History! Haha. Like whilst the others taking elective Geography were having a test, we were in the computer lab watching You Tube. =D Played Boxhead 2 Play with Joshua too, and we were like: "Why you go shoot the barrel?!" "Faster chiong! 100kills already!"

Haha, we went to the computer lab for Geography too. We were supposed to research on the various strategies a country of our choice has adopted for development. But we kind of got sidetracked and started googling ourselves and names of other people on =/

Like, check out what's the first result when you google minghui man! I'm so awesomely popular! Then I scrolled down and looked through the results, and clicked on this url. Then the people around me started clicking and claimed that was my blog and all that stuff. =\ Haha, I feel like a stalker looking through some stranger's blog. =O

Oh yes, Darren started telling me that he clicked on the url of my ex-classmate and tagged some stupid love confession under my name. I believed him cause I'm such a trusting person (Hee) and then he later told me the link was broken. -.-

No extra lessons this week cause of some reason that we don't really want to know right? Haha.

I went home super early on Monday with the intention of taking a nap, but in the end I watched Letters From Iwo Jima instead. It's a very nice film even though it was 2 and 1/2 hours long and I didn't take a nap after that.

It's about the battle between America and Japan on the island of Iwo Jima, and the war scenes are kind of graphic and bloody. Lots of people committing suicide by blowing themselves apart, people getting burned alive by flamethrowers, prisoners getting shot just because they're captors are tired of watching them, those kind of things. In the end you are kind of left with that O.O look and that realisation that in a war, no one really wins.

Now I want to go watch Flags Of Our Fathers. Although it's kind of like, a 2 year old film. =(

Went to Pizza Hut at Kovan for a farewell party for Wilbur on Tuesday. He's going to Dubai? Gosh, that's like the next upcoming city with the world's tallest building being built and the $2 million man-made islands and all.

Hao Xiang and me were like eating cheese with pasta. =)

Played Basketball at Kovan CC after that where we got trashed by 3 girls when playing a match then went home.

Went out for dinner at Jalan Kayu, ate at Mad Jack's which is kind of like Botak Jones but Australian?

Went grocery shopping at Festive Market near my Primary school. =D Who goes grocery shopping at 10pm in the night with school the next day? Me. Haha. The supermarket was extremely crowded and was open until 2am. The queues stretched all the way to the aisles, and my sister and I spent some time looking and joking about random stuff whilst queuing. Like how we could open bottles of cleaning liquids which were right next to us and no one would notice. That was when I picked up this Fabric Softener and realised some wise guy spilled some of it's softening stuff onto the side of the bottle. So my hand smelled like some soap thing for the rest of the night.

Reached home at around Midnight, went to sleep at around 2am. =/

I woke up at 7am the next day, but my parent's said I didn't have to go school so I went back to sleep. Haha. =P

Had steamboat for lunch/dinner at home. Then lazed around reading, and went out at around 11pm down to Chinatown to watch the countdown.

Blee. The place was super crowded as usual. Saw some people which I recognised but didn't remember their names. So that means I either have a poor memory or have very few friends. =(

Countdown was okay la, firecrackers were deafening, a tree nearby caught fire because some unexploded firecrackers dropped or something. =D

Walked around for about 2 hours jostling with everyone, then took a train home.

Okay now for random stuff! My younger sister came back from her P5 camp. Haha she went to the exact same campsite that the Sec 2's went for their camp. And she did almost the exact same things except the station games and rafting. Blee, even the caterers were the same people, and the food was more or less the same too. Weird coincidence. =D Although she has like millions of mosquito bites everywhere and I didn't even get a single bite that I know of when I went for the Sec 2 camp.

Snowie got a haircut. Now he looks like a wolf with a sharp nose. Haha and he's no longer blinded by his fringe.

Okay, it's 4:22am in the morning already. So I guess I should go sleep. =D Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

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