Sunday, 17 February 2008

Valentines Day.

Yay lots to blog about. Anyways, I think the above graphic would be better if I put some cheesy romantic message inside. Haha. But I think I already feel super girly by creating that. XD

Went to school feeling super restless yet tired. My hypothesis at the end of the earlier post failed cause I went to sleep at 12.30am. =(

Haha, thanks to everyone who gave me presents! Although I didn't get you guys anything. =X

Had to write a letter during an arduous 1 and a 1/2 hours of Chinese. Then we had a surprise History structured essay question. Mr Maran was like: "You guys don't know you have a History test today?" But thankfully it was open book, because I totally did not remember why Japan adopted an aggressive policy towards Chinese between 1931 to 1945. =/

Got back our Chemistry test results. I think I actually did reasonably well even though I did not study. Actually, I didn't even know there was a test until the day itself. Blee.

We also got a Valentines day present from our English teacher. Haha, a 555 notebook. Like how many teachers do you know give away presents? =D

Went for a rushed lunch at the canteen, then went up to the hall to practice for the Valentines day performance. That was the first time we actually rehearsed together as a band.

Then went for maths extra lessons. Bleah. We went to the library again cause the classroom we were supposed to use was locked. I was feeling super nervous and restless la. Maybe it's cause I have never touched the guitar I'm using before, or because I'm performing a song I've never rehearsed before, or because of some other weird reason la. All I know is that I'm usually less nervous when playing for youth cell, or even playing at Gracehaven. Probably cause we have an hour of practice beforehand.

Anyways, went to parade square to meet the other members of the band, waited for a while at the Space and then played.

Aeternum Vale is my band name. =) At least we managed a somewhat decent performance in spite of so many problems. Haha. I won't describe the problems faced here cause that would make me sound like a childish guy making up excuses for playing badly. Ah wells, at least we survived man! And I realised I can't play when something is out of tune cause it sounds so horrible to me. Thanks to Emmanuel for lending me his electric guitar, and thanks to Lenson, Chee Hock, Jude, and Yi Peng also la. =D

Finished everything with a slight sore throat and back pain. =X I dunno where the pain in my back came from, but I guess the sore throat was from lack of water or singing horridly or whatever.

Took 119 to Compass Point where I finally got acoustic guitar strings. Cause my string snapped when I was tuning it 3 days ago. =X

Went home, spent about an hour just re-stringing and tuning, and slept. And for the first time in days, I slept at 11.30pm! Yea!

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