Friday, 1 February 2008

The Swiss Army Knife.

Okay I've neglected this really stupid and lame incident that happened last Tuesday. And since it is my duty to blog about such stupid and lame things, I shall describe it here. =D

Okay Lenson bought this Swiss Army Knife from Europe and brought it to school. The Swiss Army Knife has extremely sharp blades, probably sharper than anything I've touched in my life. Like one 'swish' and it can cut through paper? =O

Then I asked Lenson to lend it to me first, which he did with a word of advice to be careful cause the knife was sharp. Haha, me being the lame one pretended to get cut by the knife and do all sorts of stupid things with it. But my short attention span soon busied itself with other things and I passed the knife back to Lenson.

Then Jude also wanted to see the knife, so Lenson lent it to him with a word of advice to be careful cause the knife was sharp.

10 MINUTES LATER, Jude cut himself on the thumb and Ivan, Lenson, Jun Han and me started laughing cause it was so ironic.

Then Lenson took a red pen and drew this fake cut line on his thumb, then pretended that he really did cut himself. XD

And I believed him and gave him tissue paper. =X

Haha, I think we should all learn from the moral of the story, which is, don't give your friends tissue paper unless they ask you for it. Yea! =D

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