Sunday, 17 February 2008

Inter UG Games Day.

Okay Friday was actually Total Defence Day, so there was this performance by a drama group for Assembly. Haha, some parts of their skit actually resembled the skit we did during POP last year; Troubles of an NCO. =D

We didn't get to eat any war-time food during recess, and our teacher largely ignored the Total Defence message and went on teaching. =X

Lessons were all pretty boring. We were briefed on how to do our Geography project, where we are supposed to create a blog and blog about the IMF, World Bank, or Asian Development Bank. And we were also briefed on how to do our LCE project, where we are supposed to create a powerpoint presentation on what courses are available at tertiary level.

Then was inter Uniformed Group games day. We lost to NCC in Soccer in the first round, but won SJAB for 3rd place. For badminton Stephen trashed us la. =X But we won for Captain's ball because of the numerous competitions we went to last year. =)

There were quite a bit of complications involving the games day, because some uniformed groups were girls only and some were guys only. =/

And some guy from St John tripped me during soccer resulting in grazed knees. Not very pain or bloody, but it feels like a paper cut. Gah.

Okay so the games ended at around 5+, but we still had PT time where we played tug-of-war. =X My group didn't win la. Haha.

NPCC ended at around 6pm, we were briefed on the upcoming Sec 1 leisure camp. =\

Then went for dinner at LJS with Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Eugene, Wei Kit, Nigel, Yi Hong, Joshua, Wei Ting, Woei Jiun and Elaine. Left early cause I didn't want to be late for cell group.

Took bus 74 and slept on and off during the bus ride.

I was late for cell group. =X Reached at around 8.20pm, so worship was over already.

Anyways, it was Friendship Friday. Haha, we were supposed to chose a song from a basket of cards and then choreograph a dance based on that song. The catch was the songs were like Barney, or Power Rangers, or Teen Titans, or HI5. My cell combined with Yu Rong's cause Sarah had to go home early, and we got Powerpuff girls. Bleh.

Haha, quite stupid and lame and whatever la. We sort of spent the entire 3 minutes of the song either running around or doing this open your eyes thing. Winner went to Aaron's group for their High School Musical dance. =D

Then was food. There was bread with scrambled eggs, tuna crackers and bread with Nutella. ella. ella. a. a.

Credit goes to my sister for thinking of something as cold as that. =P

Took 136 home. Didn't sleep once at all on the bus for some weird reason.

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