Sunday, 24 February 2008

L Change The World.

Went home at around 12pm after the Campcraft Competition. Had a bath then went out again. Went to catch L Change The World with Wei Kit, Eugene and Hao Xiang. At first we went to Golden Village at Plaza Sing, but tickets were sold out and only individual seats were left, so we went to Cathay Cineleisure instead. Bought tickets for the 4:45 show. We still had an hour to kill so we went to the basement and watch stupid videos on you tube. (Think David Blaine and Trigger Happy. ;D)

The Movie was screened at The Grand Cathay, smaller than GV Max but larger than most conventional movie screens.

Movie was great in my opinion. Although the supposed to gross out parts looked really fake to me (cause I have a sadistic vivid imagination). The director managed to blend comedy, action, and horror(for some people) all into one movie rather nicely. Some parts were intentionally comical, like how L used a pink 'Angel Crepe' truck, some parts I just found funny, like how the scientist took such a long time to die even though he was infected by the virus and plasma incinerated.

Anyways, the show is about a cross-bred virus that has mutated and some environmental group wants to use the virus for human cleansing. But they need an antidote which some scientist has created, then intentionally destroyed and then killed himself with the virus to prevent them from getting it. So L goes around looking for a new antidote, which he finds from a Scientist who used to be a partner of the other scientist guy, and then he saves the world.

Okay I bet you wouldn't understand that unless you watched the movie. So you should go watch it. =D

Better than Jumper but not as nice as Death Note or Death Note 2 in my opinion.

Movie ended at 7pm, Eugene was late for tuition so he went off first. Wei Kit, Hao Xiang and me went to Boon Keng for dinner with NP people.

There was Joey sir, Jia Sheng sir, Jia Hao sir, Joanna mdm, Wan Ting mdm, Jocelyn mdm, Jun Yuan, Wei Ting, Hao Xiang, Wei Kit, Shao Kiat, Dawn, Hwee May, Daryl, Kai Xin, Jing Yi, Vanessa, Jing Hao and me. Woei Jiun, Elaine and Eugene joined us later.

Ate steamboat/bbq at Boon Keng again. The same place we went to when we celebrated Woei Jiun's birthday. Hao Xiang "piak" a lot of butter and then it all went popping everywhere when Chee Sheng tried to use vegetables to absorb the butter oil. And Hao Xiang and me went 'because of why because of why' randomly.

Didn't really eat a lot la, not much appetite. Left at around 10pm with Hao Xiang and Vanessa. Me and Hao Xiang were like doing stupid things all the time la. =X

Reached Punggol and took an LRT to Denise's house to pass her homework. I'm such a nice guy right? Heh. Taking an LRT home is scary at night. Especially when you are the only one on the LRT and it stops at this station that hasn't been opened yet. Like, no other human within that 1km+ radius? So unnerving man. Like that story about taking the last MRT train from Changi Airport and seeing ghosts and hell and all that in the reflections of the windows.

Reached home at around 11pm. Went to sleep.

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