Monday, 31 December 2007

Passing Out Parade 2007.

Spent Boxing day, the day after boxing day, and 2 days after boxing day preparing for POP.

Wasn't online except at night cause trainings were from 8am-6pm.

Parade segment was quite okay, then went home to change, went to Chee Sheng's house to get the food, went to school, and everything else was more or less a rush.

Farewell party could have gone much better. But then again way too many things cropped up like the air-con leaking, teacher's meeting, and I would say if we had more time to prepare or a full dress rehearsal at least? But it's over anyways, hope the graduating batch had a memorable day. =)

POP was also the last training of the year, considering it was on the 28th December. So yay, no trainings for about a week?

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