Monday, 25 February 2008

Singapore Airshow 2008.

Official website.

Haha okay went with my family to see the airshow exhibition last Sunday. Actually I didn't know I was going to the airshow until Sunday itself, cause I woke up at 9am. =X

Tickets were priced at $20 each for adults? Super expensive la. Took a taxi there, and there was a jam on the way inside. Taxi fare was $30 when we got out. =S

Security was really tight too. I got stopped when walking through that metal gate, cause my belt was made of metal. =\ Haha, but I wasn't arrested or anything la.

The place was super crowded, so I guess the organisers of the event must have earned lots and lots of money.

Caught the flying display at 12.30. But I don't have a camera, so I didn't take any photos. Wasted la, so many nice photo opportunities. =( But the flying display was really cool though, like there was this heart shape, and this curtain, and this palm spilt, and mirror pass, and all the other gravity-defying tricks. =D

Although I didn't take any pictures, flickr has about 2600 pictures related to the Singapore Airshow here. Go check it out if you have nothing better to do. =)

Went around checking out the endless exhibition booths and stalls. Food and drinks were really expensive there too. Like $4 for a 500ml water bottle? No wonder inflation is rising larr. Lots of flight simulators and plane models scattered around the exhibition area too.

Queued up for a bus back to Pasir Ris after that. Super long queue, worse than queuing up for hello kitties or whatever. And the bus ride was about an hour long too. Queue was extra-long cause the buses had to waited for the A380 to be towed past. Haha, so at one point the huge airplane rolled past slowly less than a hundred meters from us.

Went to Pasir Ris, had a late lunch, then took bus 3 back home. =)

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