Monday, 17 December 2007

PSL Camp 2007.

Woke up at 6am the next day. Met Hao Xiang at MRT at 7am, then we went to school for PSL camp.

Bleh. Didn't bring my consent form la. Had to go home and take. =/ But it's kind of justified la, making me go home and take, cause I must set an example and all that jazz? But the worst part was my consent form was right below my wallet but I forgot about it. I should have put the form in the wallet.

I'm taking 2 Joy next year. Awesome! I'm so looking forward to it! And cause I'm taking 2 Joy, I grouped with 1 Joy people too. Edwin, Daryl, Zi Hao, Fion, Xin Yi, Tai Yang, Ing Lee and me. Our group zai one okay?

Started off with a workshop conducted by Lifeskills something? How to be a PSL, leadership skills and all that. Would have been really dry and boring and like a magic sleeping pill, but thankfully the speaker made lots of jokes and could engage the audience? =)

Lunch after that, rice with dishes. Better than ATC, worse than NCO/NRC.

Station games after that, we were told to take out our shoes during wet activities, so the extra pair of shoes I brought along were useless la. =/

Went around to different stations doing different things like running around the school looking for teachers, guiding a partner to throw water bombs at other pairs, and balancing on a chair whilst passing chairs and messages around.

We didn't get to play Soapy Maths, which is like sliding around on soapy stuff aiming for a soap. =(

Shower, then dinner after that. Dinner was rice with dishes. Same type of rice, different type of dishes.

Night walk at night. Awesome! It was the most funny part of day 1 in my opinion. Became super high with Hao Xiang whilst waiting for our turn. Did lots of super lame stuff. I don't think it's scary at all, but everyone else like so scared? Even the Haunted House at Escape is "scarier"? Got one part quite disturbing though, there was a full u cover which suddenly swooped down from the side. I suddenly imagined everyone with flying full u covers in np. Hahaha!

Slept on tables in the classrooms. Quite comfortable lor. We should have slept on tables during NCO camp. Much much better than poncho.

Was quite cold in the morning, went to brush teeth, then was breakfast.

Breakfast was Nasi Lemak. Rice with different flavour, ikan bilis and egg.

Then was the workshop again. Played this circle thing where you have to lie down on the lap of the person behind you?

Until you form this never ending continuum people lying on each other and the combined weight and gravity pulling down is spread out and dissipated evenly.
Quite interesting la. =D

Workshop after that. More interesting things discussed, how to conduct debriefing and all. Although I learned almost everything taught from NP? Haha, but it's a good workshop la.

There was a 1 hour break where we had lunch. Lunch was rice with dishes! Same type of rice, different dishes.

Went for NPCC after that instead of the workshop. Blee. POP auditions, I think POP is really GG.

NP ended at around 6, went for shower then dinner. Dinner was rice with dishes! Same rice, different dishes. I'm getting bored of typing the same thing too. =D

After dinner was Campfire! At this point I really felt like closing my eyes and sleeping already. So wasn't really high during campfire. But Joy's campfire item rocks okay!? We got 28/30, best class! Wee. We acted a skit where I played Romeo and Edwin played Juliet, then Juliet would suddenly turn out to be a guy and it was super hilarious acting la.

And I realised that almost all the groups I've been in for acting always top one okay? HEEHEE. Like SANA course where I acted as a sadistic prison warden caning a drug offender, or ATC where I acted as a Sony salesman selling my "walkman with torchlight". Okay shall stop showing off here. =D

After campfire we had Macdonald's. Lol. Double Cheeseburger and some fries. Like woah, after eating rice with dishes and rice with dishes and rice with dishes, a cheeseburger is like shiok. =D

Slept on top of tables again.

Breakfast was dry Mee Siam. Yay No RICE!!

We were sec 2 PSLs so we didn't have any briefing. Instead, we had Area Cleaning! Yea! I was stuck cleaning the general area. Which is a pretty slack job really, but not as fun as cleaning toilet la.

Then played games like concentration and murderer. Haha. And we each got a piece of chocolate in the end.

After that was debriefing, then we were released. Went for lunch with Hao Xiang, Koon Tat and the Joy people at Hougang Mall food court.

Went home and started using the computer. Wee. Okay actually using the computer is no longer relevant to the title of this post. =/

I wasn't exactly enthusiastic or high or anything during this camp. Just like, antagonistic? Maybe cause I was super tired throughout the camp. =/

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