Saturday, 12 April 2008

Stepping Down.

Woke up early, went to school. Assembly program was on the Tana River Life Foundation. It's probably the last time I'm listening to the guy talk after hearing him give a talk every year since Sec 1.

Had to do a compare and contrast question for Social Studies. Had to do a PowerPoint Presentation on reasons for the growth of tourism for Geography. Watched a documentary on the Cold War for History, and did Vectors for Maths. LCE was on Parenting too. Bleah. Isn't it like kind of weird that as Sec 4s we are being taught about parenting. It's as though they expect us to be parents at this age already. Maybe we should live up to their expectations. Or maybe they feel that giving us advice on studying, studying techniques like association, or anything else related to O levels is not as relevant as parenting. Yup.

Last NPCC training. Kind of nostalgic and sad. Like, 4 years have simply gone by just like that? Ephermeral. Hope the Sec 3 squad will persevere and stay together. =) Kind of remember the first time I took them as a squad leader? Heck, can look back to the time when I was a sec 1 myself. Weird kind of feeling to be in the position you once thought about vaguely. And it's even weirder to think that I am one of the 18 people whom have stuck with NPCC throughout the 4 years, out of the initial 60+ people from when we had just joined, and those whom quit even before the first training. Shocking. =O

Sec 4 Mata 08 Forever. =) From Sec 1 camp, Sec 1 NRC, Sec 2 NCO Camp, Sec 2 ATC, Sec 2 NRC, Sec 3 NCO Camp, Sec 3 ATC, Sec 3 NRC, to Sec 1 Combined UG Camp, we have pulled through to become what we are. =D

Sadly, stepping down also means O levels are approaching. Okay, O levels have been approaching ever since I was born I guess. But it's just another stupid milestone in life that I don't want to go through but will have to go through eventually.

Training was okay, PT time was kind of fun too with water-bombs thrown around. Haha. Hope everyone enjoyed. Being splashed by us. =P

Some incident happened where people threw a can of deodorant at us. Didn't expect that person to do it really. But you can't distinguish hatred I guess.

Had a final debriefing session with the instructors. Then went to Macdonald's for dinner.

Went home, bathed, changed, brushed teeth, then went out again to stay over at Macrina Mdm's house. Mac Mama. Haha.

Was supposed to be about 12 or 13 people? In the end only Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Joshua, Eugene, Wei Kit, Wei Ting and me could make it. Reached her house at around 10.30 pm, and Hao Xiang was super high along the way la. Like flying around as an airplane, or singing words said by anyone randomly to the tune of Beyonce's Irreplacable (To the left, to the left).

Played this simply amazing game on Mac Mdm's computer. Stunning graphics, amazing content, and awesome interface/controls. The Typing Of The Dead.

The graphics are stunning cause they remind me of my childhood back when I used to go the Darren and Jacob's house with my sister after school ended, and we would play The House Of The Dead and complete the entire game single player as the second player did not have unlimited lives and would die after the first level or so.
Amazing content cause the characters have computers worn as backpacks with this huge battery on top and use keyboards instead of guns to defeat the monsters in the game.
Awesome interface cause you type words on your keyboard to defeat them, and the word combinations are kind of weird.

Haha. Okay, people are probably going to say the game is nothing compared to Crysis or COD4, and the game really is lousy. But for a game released in 1999, and with such an awesome control system, it's not bad man. And you don't have to spend $2k buying a top end computer to play either.

Lost to Hao Xiang in Winning Eleven in PS2, laughed at countless pictures of ourselves in the past, then laughing at videos on Youtube, then fell asleep on the sofa watching Wei Kit play Resident Evil.

I didn't have any sensation of sleeping, or dreaming, or anything. Just closing my eyes for one moment, and opening them again realising it was Morning already. =X Went off quite early after that, and that's all. =)

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