Saturday, 26 April 2008


Okay shall be random and talk about only things that are worth talking about. Yeah.

Went Church last Sunday, then went home and slept the entire afternoon and evening. Kind of like catching up for all the lost sleep over the week. Or preparing for all the sleep I will lose in the coming week. Doesn't really matter either way. =D

Downside was I couldn't get to sleep after that and ended up sleeping at 3am. =\

Monday was school. Blee. Not interesting. Stayed back after school for Senior NCO t-shirt sizing, then went cycling after that with Ivan, Chee Hock, Lenson and View Meng again. Haha. We're like cycling freaks although I rarely cycle cause I don't have a bike.

Blah. We went from Lenson's house to Punggol end, then View Meng and Ivan left early whilst Chee Hock, Lenson and me went to Punggol MRT then cycled back to Lenson's house.

And I fell down la. Road was slippery and I was going downhill and there was this bus behind me and this car in front and I turned to the side and the bike skidded and I skidded along with it. Haha. Now I have this torn, ripped section on my school pants. Blah. And this small cut that's infected and continuously oozes yellow white plasma on my knee.

Haha Tuesday's lessons were boring. Not interesting. Especially since there was Chinese for an hour and half, and Chinese extra lessons after that for another hour and half. 3 hours of 华语 is not fun to me. =( Went for dinner at Subway. But I don't think I can blog about that you know? HeeHeeHee. ;D

Chemistry lessons after school on Wednesday. Then went Lenson's house with Stephen and Jun Han after that with the intention of re-digitizing the picture of the t-shirt I'm supposed to outline digitally because the original digitized version was too blurry. Played Crysis/GTA San Andreas after that on Lenson's new powerful expensive new computer. Haha.

Thursday, brought guitar to school to practice for the Old Folk's home performance we're supposed to do. Decided to play Canon In D in D instead of C which we did the last time. Then messed around for a while in class and went home after that.

Stayed back after school on Friday to hear the Chinese Orchestra people rehearse for a while, then went for lunch at Hougang Mall Food Court with Stephen, View Meng and Lenson. Found out that CO people were no longer performing. Blee. Went home after that, bathed and went off for worship practice at 5pm.

Worship was okay. Cell group too. Message was quite deep. Like, seemingly contradicting passages in the Bible about Salvation. Took 136 home after that and reached home at exactly midnight. =)

Woke up early for school today, CIP visit to the Old Folk's home. Went for breakfast first with Jude, Koon Tat and Ivan at 805 but didn't eat cause I ate at home already. Then went to school, boarded the bus and went to the home.

Performance was...okay I guess. Although everything was last minute and rushed. Hectic la. -.-

Went back to school after that. Then went to Aston's for lunch with Stephen, View Meng, Jun Han, Li Jing, Denise, Xue Ee, Anson and I think that's everybody already. I can't remember la. =X Took 136 back home and the cycle is kind of repeated.

Okay that's everything. =)

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