Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Woke up early in the Morning to go to Church.

But went for breakfast at Macdonald's first with my family. Haha. Sunday is like a Church/family day for me la. As in the only day I spend with my family. =)

Ate the new McGriddles thing. Haha. Quite nice la. It's different from the regular Mcmuffin. Can just imagine the workers stamping the M logo on each and every pancake before serving. Haha. But halfway through eating the burger my wisdom teeth accidentally bit the right side of my mouth. Felt pain for a while but I still continued eating.

Haha. Then I wondered why the milo I was drinking tasted so salty and realised my the side of my mouth was bleeding. Horrible la. Got those like, bits of gum hanging from the inside of my mouth after being lacerated by my teeth. Stupid wisdom. =X

That's why I now have this huge ulcer. Currently eating fries too. Since it is said that salt helps to cure a mouth ulcer quickly and effectively, and that fries are high in salt content, we can therefore safely deduce that eating fries will help the ulcer to heal faster. Detractors this statement may say that fries are unhealthy and oily, but I for one don't really bother otherwise.
(English + Science = Useful applications in real life)

Anyways, went for Church after that horrid accident. Okay I'm overreacting la. Haha. Sermon was quite okay. And we got to see Major Andrew and Thomas from UK again. It's been about a year since the Church changed pastors?

Went for lunch at a coffeeshop near Junction 8. Then went home.

Went out again to a dinner at this restaurant opposite my Church. It's at a seafood restaurant. Haha. I sat next to Thomas and Zhong Han. Haha. I realised I have not talked to a Lower Primary kid for about half a year already. Weirdness. They started eating and comparing Satay sticks which is like Thomas's favourite food cause he can't eat it in UK. Then they ate fried rice and started running around to look at people fishing prawns.

Went back home quite early cause my sister had homework to do.

School lessons on Monday were all forgettable. Okay we started learning on Tourism for Geography but I think that's forgettable too. Went for lunch at Pepper Lunch, then went to Lenson's house to finish up English project voice overs. But we didn't record anything in the end cause I think hearing my own voice makes me feel like laughing for some strange reason.

Today was all forgettable things too. Feature article writing for English, Physics was on practical uses of electricity, and we had Chinese letter writing too. Although Chinese was kind of ominous cause it's the last letter we're going to be writing for Chinese lessons. Went for lunch at Pepper Lunch again, then went back to school for Chinese extra lessons. Blee.

Turns out our teacher was busy invigilating for Oral examinations and we had a relief teacher and only needed to do a mock exam paper which I completed already so I simply spent the rest of the time waiting for others to finish before going home.

I think the new Macdonald's delivery is horrible. Cause now I'm like ordering Macdonald's online using my father's credit card when both my parent's can't buy back dinner for us. About 3 times a week too. Haha. Unhealthy. No wonder I gained 1kg lately. But I think I'm still under the acceptable category. =D

Anyways, that's why I'm eating fries now. Heh.

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