Saturday, 19 April 2008

Astons Express.

Okay spent the entire Sunday at home sleeping so there's nothing interesting there.

Lessons on Monday were monotonous and boring. =\
Went with Stephen, Jun Han, View Meng, Denise and Veronica to Astons Express for lunch. =D

Okay, it's this place at Serangoon Gardens, kind of like Botak Jones I guess, but they are both great in different aspects. Haha. I think it's weird that we are traveling so far just for food. But what other stall in Singapore do you know that has their own blog?

Anyways, ate a Sirloin Steak at $11.90 with onion rings and coleslaw. I think it's delicious and juicy and savory and whatever. Especially if you consider the price and the prices of steaks found in other restaurants.

And I've invented this awesome new way of speaking Chinese. Like, "你这种井井有条的人。" Or "这真的是太风和日丽了,目中无人。" Haha. Anyone that doesn't know Chinese will think that I'm an awesome expert at idioms and such. Anyone that knows Chinese, will simply start laughing. Haha. 五颜六色 man.

Crossed the road to RK house after that. Ate roti tissue. =D I remember eating it for the first time at Bishan Kopitiam a long time back. =D

And I'm like kind of lonely with Jun Han throughout cause Stephen will be busy with Veronica, View Meng with Denise, leaving Jun Han and me to gay together. =D

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