Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Flag Day.

Woke up on Saturday at the amazing time of 6.30am. =D Oh yes Saturday was Joshua's birthday so Happy Birthday Joshua! You Deserve It! Grow a Brain!

For the uninitiated, flag day is a day where as part of community service, students help out a selected charity by walking around with donation cans or bags and asking members of the public to donate, usually the public will get a sticker in return. Although I have no idea what link it has to flag day, there's really no flag involved at all (unless maybe flagging down people to donate).

Okay planned to go jogging early in the morning with my sister, but she wanted to sleep, so I ended up using the computer instead. =)

Went to Macdonald's to meet the rest for breakfast, but I ate breakfast at home already so I just watched them eat.

Went around with Stephen, Hao Xiang and Jun Han. We went to Tampines bus interchange. There were quite a number of other schools too. But we were clever and sourced out a spot very near the drop-off point. So there's always a fresh supply of people to ask for donations from. Heh.

After about 2 hours of "Excuse me, would you like to donate?", we went back. Was kind of irritated by some Singaporeans that are just so dao or lack the energy required to open their mouths and say 'no thanks'. Some don't even have the strength to look in my direction, or maybe their deaf. But anyways, it's for a good cause, haha so I'll just forget about all that and be crazily optimistic. =)

But I wondering though, can you really feel happy if you've just donated 10cents, 30 cents or maybe all your spare change to Charity? I mean, can simply donating your spare change to a bunch of students really mean that you've done something good?

Went for lunch at Long John, then took 136 home.

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