Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Worship Central Conference 2008.

Okay woke up at around 7:15am at Macrina Mdm's house, then went off soon after that cause I was going to be late. Went home, bathed, brushed teeth again (haha), then ate a slice of apple pie for breakfast whilst going on MSN for 15 minutes before leaving again.

Took an MRT down to Commonweath Station and then went to Faith Methodist Church for the Worship Central Conference.

It's actually a 3 day kind of thing with a concert by Planetshakers at the Max Pavilion, but I didn't go on Friday cause I was stepping down.

Anyways, the conference was quite okay. Got a wristband thing, a notepad and a dvd, but no Nike voucher like at iHope. Haha okay nvm.

Worship was great, about 850 people went for the conference. Tim Hughes and Al Gordon were great at speaking in front of a crowd. Attended the theology of worship which was not as boring as I expected, and the band dynamics workshop which was cool. Like the different styles a song can use and other practical aspects of being in a band.

The live lounge part was really cool too. Like, there was the songwriter of 'Count On Me Singapore', the worship director of FCBC, and a pastor from Hong Kong. Haha, unscripted session where they just talked about songwriting and the process it goes through. A lot of funny parts to it too.

Felt like dead tired in some parts because of ton-ing, and didn't attend the night worship. Went home and slept early instead. =)

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