Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Adobe Illustrator.

Okay have not posted anything picture-wise for a long time, again. Haha. =X I need a camera la, still saving away incessantly.

Tried out Adobe Illustrator some time ago, messed about with it for an hour or so, and came up with this.

Haha, okay I know it looks horrible and everything. But for a first time it's not bad okay? Spent such a long time figuring out extremely basic things like how to fill the lines I drew with colour, and it looks much better than my first attempt at using Gimp. =X

The program itself is really simple and easy to use though, once you experiment around with it for a while. Like, much more control over vector paths and gradient meshes. And Photoshop filters can be used too, if you have Photoshop, which I unfortunately don't. Gimp is good enough. =)

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