Saturday, 19 April 2008


Bleah. Horrible week.

Reaching home at 5 or 6+ almost daily now. And it's gotten to a point where I'm actually getting used to it. Horrid. I want to be like a sec 1 and be dismissed at 12.30 again. Or a primary school student and be dismissed at 12 on Wednesdays. Or a kindergarten student and be dismissed at 10am. =D Though I probably won't be here blogging if I'm a kindergarten student.

Surprisingly though, there's little or almost no homework at all. But don't tell the teachers ya? ;P

Oh and I met this guy when I was queuing up in the canteen on Thursday. Haha, kind of interesting cause he's from Gracehaven and knows my father and all that. Weird feeling, like 2 aspects of your life which have little or no correlation with each other suddenly become quite linked. =)

Anyways, lessons are all boring and mentioning them will just put myself to sleep. So, I shall skip everything and just talk about Friday cause that's the only thing worth mentioning. =D

There was a rainbow in the sky on Friday just before school started. Probably due to light precipitation in the sky falling straight because of the lack of wind on that day. And due to heavy cloud cover, the Sun was not as bright or the rainbow would have been more pronounced and saturated.

Friday's lessons were boring too. Okay there was this debate for LCE which is stupidly one-sided. "The elderly are non-contributing members of society." Like, whoever agrees with that statement is being ostentatious or just too stupid too think. It is possible to contribute to a society in a negative way, and saying that the elderly do not contribute at all is just saying that the elderly have no impact on society whatsoever? Kind of stupid la. At least have something like: "the elderly have a positive impact on society." Even then it is still a flawed debate because morally it is just wrong to state that someone contributes negatively to society.
Who are we to argue such things anyways? What gives us the right to state that others are lousy and do not contribute to society? =D /minghui's contemplative psychological thinking.

Anyways, my afternoon was free cause there's no NPCC, for the rest of the year I guess. Haha, went with View Meng, Chee Hock, Ivan, Darren, Jemaine and Yi Han for lunch at this Italian stall at this coffee shop at SengKang. Ate carbonara and drank teh beng. =) Was super full after that though.

Walked to View Meng's house to cycle after that. =D Went cycling with View Meng, Chee Hock and Ivan. Went from Ivan's house to my house, where I bathed and changed, then set out again exploring the rooftop garden at my house. Went back to Ivan's house after that. All in about 2 hours+. Oh and I have this horrible bruise on my right arm after that because the bike's handle bars got caught in the fence I was riding and flipped to the right and my right arm hit the center of the bar and such. =(

Haha, but it was fun la, exhilarating. =) Thanks to View Meng for lending me his bike.

Oh but when I reached Ivan's house it was about 5.20pm already, so rushed to 136 bus stop after that with Chee Hock. Met Stephen whom was alighting from 119 at the same bus stop we were at, haha. Then 136 came and Chee Hock raced the bus to his house.

136 was about an hour's ride, so reached Church at around 6.30pm. But it was okay cause Clarence was not there yet. =) Only Guan You, Tammy and me. Kind of scary la. First time playing an electric guitar whilst sitting down too. Like, so small. But I guess on the whole worship went rather well. =D

And I haven't been to Cell for such a long time too. Haha, sermon was great. And cell group was kind of large too. Like, consisted of people of all ages from Sec 1s to University. =D

Went for supper with family after that, at the 24 hour Lavender Hawker Center. Didn't really eat though cause I ate dinner at 9pm+. Bleah.

Okay that's everything. =) Went home and slept at 1.20am.

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