Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Chinese Preliminary Examinations.

YES IT'S OVER. Heehee.

Okay wait, Monday was pretty normal, went for lunch at Aston's again and ate Roti Tissue at RK House. Yea. Haha. Oh and I was sneezing non-stop because of the sweltering, unbearable heat. Ya, I think my body has some thermal issues. Hot weather=Feeling Cold. Cold weather=Feeling Even Colder. But this doesn't mean I'm not hot okay. =P

Woke up today and started sneezing immediately. And it's like, super hot today too. Bleh. Met up with Wei Kit, Joshua and Chee Sheng and went to school. Dao-ed Hao Xiang cause he didn't meet us. Hahaha.

Went to the bookshop cause Joshua wanted to find an electronic dictionary and not use his huge paperback one. But the bookshop didn't sell the dictionary. -.-

Okay papers were all horrible. 4 hours in one day. That's like 1/6 of a day spent sitting down and reading/writing/thinking Chinese. And I was sneezing throughout la, although I stopped sneezing when I went for recess and after school. Heh. Allergy maybe?

But It's not that bad la. Haha, because there's no other exam for like a month except for History this coming Friday which is easy cause I think History is easy. Easier than Chinese anyhow.

Went for lunch at KFC, suffered countless assumptions and mistaken prepositions that I have an affiliation with a girl of the opposite sex. Which is obviously and undeniably untrue. Yes.

Okay, Jun Han wanted to go play swings after lunch so we went to the playground near Lenson's/Darren's/Fiona's house. But there were 2 girls there whom refused to give up their spot on the swings even though Denise was like :"Can I playyyy?!?!!" So we went to the playground near Chee Sheng's/Nigel's house instead. Stayed there until 2.30, then took 136 home.

Okay that's everything. =)

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