Saturday, 5 April 2008

Endeavour To Perservere.

Okay one week since I last blogged. Again. Maybe it's becoming a weekly thing now. Okay I know I'm just lazy to type la. =)

First Class test and Campcraft Girls Competition last Saturday. Our own competition was like a month back, because the girls competition was postponed repeatedly due to wet weather. But Chee Sheng, Eugene, Hao Xiang and me didn't go to support them cause we had First Class test.

Eugene went first then left for maths lesson. Hao Xiang went next and left to do his English project. So it was left with Chee Sheng and me.

Did badly for First Class test la. Kind of disappointed la. Woke up at 3am to prepare and spent the entire Morning to Afternoon waiting. =X But anyways, it's not exactly very crucial to my survival or anything.

Went for 'lunch' at LJS with Chee Sheng after that. It's 'lunch' cause it was around 3pm in the Afternoon by then. Both of us were kind of emo then cause we both failed.

Went to Lenson's house after that to do English project. Didn't really film the interview part cause Ivan left soon after. But we recorded voice overs and filmed remote controlled cars. Haha. So fun playing with cars that can be customized to your liking. But such cars are expensive la. =(

Ate dinner at Lenson's house too. I couldn't finish cause I just ate 'lunch' 2 hours ago.

Went home at around 9pm with Jun Han.

Overslept for Church on Sunday. =\ But went to Ikea with my family. It's like I don't see that much of my family except on Sundays. Went to the store at Tampines for lunch, but there was a power failure and only cold food was served. Then we went walking around looking at random things in Ikea. =D

Monday, went to Lenson's house after school to do our English project. Haha. Laughed around at stupid bloopers and mistakes whilst View Meng and Chee Hock watched us film. Went home at around 5pm.

Tuesday, got back our Physics mock exam paper. Haha I scored 41.5 which is like (O.o) cause I didn't exactly study at all. =D My acceleration answers were all wrong however. =\

Chinese Oral exam after school. Horrible. Spent such a long time waiting for the other classes that my fingers were tired from constant pen spinning. =X

And I didn't understand the question given by the teacher at all. Something about athletes, but I thought it was something about Physical exercise areas and gave some really stupid answers. =X Ah wells.

Wednesday, Maths in the morning, followed by Napfa test for PE. Super depressing la. I failed Standing Broad Jump by about 6cm. And I did only 1 pull up. =\ Rest of the stations were As and Bs. Gah.

No extra lessons after school because our Chinese teacher was not free. Yay!!

Although I still had to stay back for Rock Climbing. =X

Went for lunch after school with Jude, Lenson, Hui Joo and Jun Han at Hougang mall food court, then went back to class to wait around with Jun Han and Lenson.

Went with Lenson to Macdonald's cause he owed some girls ice cream. ;) Haha. Ate ice cream for a while, then walked back to school for Rock Climbing.

Rock climbing was tiring la, after doing Napfa and everything. But at least we filmed for English Project. =)

Thursday. Chemistry Practical test. Haha. I think Chemistry practical is so much fun now. You get to do whatever you want with the chemicals. =D Although to pass the test you have to follow those standard steps la.

Maths extra lessons after school. =X There was supposed to be a test but it was postponed to the week after next. =D

Geography test on Friday. Didn't study cause I forgot about the test and left my Geography book in class. Don't think I wrote enough la. Left out quite a few important points I guess. But should be able to pass. =)

NPCC training after school. Didn't take the First Class Retest cause I didn't have time to prepare the entire week, and the badge is not really important to me. Taught sec 3s MOI though. It's like second last training before we step down? =|

Went for dinner after NPCC at LJS. Then went home.

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