Saturday, 15 March 2008

Combined Uniformed Group Camp 2008.

Okay my March 1 week holiday can be summarized accurately into 2 parts.
  1. Preparing for the camp from Monday to Wednesday
  2. Camp from Thursday to Saturday
Anyways, I was in charge of a group throughout the camp. Our group name was not chili crab, not black pepper crab, but Mr Krabs!Gosh, I think I'm getting lamer and lamer.

Okay, there was lots of activities and games throughout the three days. I would say about 13 different activities and games packed into 2 days not counting things like sentry duty and inter-uniformed group games. Hope the Sec1s enjoyed it, and thankfully nothing really bad cropped up during the camp.

Slept for about 2 and 1/2 hours for the first night and 3 and 1/2 hours for the second. So now I'm kind of like, O.O

Okay now for more random things that happened!

Was suddenly approached by Li Ming when I walked past his class on the first day of the camp at around 9.40am. Turns out I was in the Gears Of War team and not playing Halo 3. And the registration time was 11am on that same day at Funan Digital Life mall.

Told the instructors I had to leave for the camp, asked Joshua to help me take over my group(Mr Krabs!!), and then went with Li Ming to find Mr Chang's number, Kenneth's handphone number and Mr Sharom's number. The competition required 1 teacher and 3 students, and we were 1 student short.

Called around asking for numbers, then asked Kenneth to meet us at Funan, then asked Lenson also cause he has played Gears Of War. Met Mr Chang at the mall's atrium, then went to register.

Our time slot was actually at 11am, so we stalled for time whilst waiting for Lenson or Kenneth to come. In the end Kenneth came first, so we sat down and had about 15 minutes of warming up.

Haha. Having never played Gears Of War in my life ever, and having never played a First Person Shooter on PC since about Secondary 2, I can safely say that our team lost horridly. There were 10 rounds in total divided into 2 different maps, we lost 9 out of 10 rounds. The game itself it quite fun, very strategic kind requiring you to find cover quickly.

In case you think I'm making this all up. =D

Mr Chang fetched me back to school after that, then I went back to help out with the camp.

Had 1st class test lecture after the Sec 1's lights out at 11.30pm on the second night. Don't really have much confidence for 1st class. The amount of preparation needed is staggering. Like, planning for 4 parades? Using different methods of instruction for 13 commands chosen randomly from all the commands we have learned since Sec1? And the test date is tentatively 29th March. =/

Lecture ended at around 1.30am, went for a bath then Sentry Duty after that.

Lots of stupid things happened for us NCOs. Like, Chee Sheng and is that clear? Then there's 你奶奶.

Went for lunch at LJS after everything, then went home soon after.

Now, it's homework. =(

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