Thursday, 8 May 2008

History Mock Examination.

Okay last Friday was History. Which went rather horridly cause my answer script was something like this:

Haha, the question was like: "How successful were the Allies in ending the war in the Pacific in 1945? Explain your answer."

And I was silently going, "YEA! I know how to do!" And started writing a very nice awesome introduction with relevant little facts and all the profound superfluous words and adjectives interspersed in.

Then I wrote my first point about the atomic bomb being an important factor in the success of the Allies due to it's shocking devastating power and radiation fallout and all that.

Then I realised I had only 30 minutes left, to finish the rest of the paper. So my second point was very short and brief. My third point was worse.

Then I started writing the conclusion and finished it with like, 10 minutes to spare. So I added on to the conclusion more and ended up with the picture above.

Think I need to manage my word balance for paragraphs or something. =/

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