Saturday, 29 March 2008

Start Of Mock Examinations.

Okay I think lessons in school are all boring so I shall not describe them.

Went to Lenson's house after school on Monday to do the English project. Gosh, being the 'news presenter', I had to wear a tie and blazer. Haha. Like, both Lenson and me didn't know how to tie a tie, so we searched YouTube.

Was like laughing like crazily at the ludicrous idea of 2 guys watching YouTube videos to learn how to tie a tie for an English project. In the end we relied on Lenson's cousin who's a prefect at Holy Innocents' Primary School. That got me laughing even more cause it's even more stupid to have to ask someone younger and of the opposite gender to teach us. Bleh.

Haha, filmed the intro and ending scenes. I think it's hard not to laugh when you're in front of a camera. Then we filmed stupid things like me drinking 'white wine' which is actually HL milk in a wine glass.

Tuesday was the start of the mock examinations. It's like instead of Mid Year Exams, we have mock examinations in the hall after school curriculum time. So students will not waste valuable time sitting for the mid year exams. Tuesday was Physics. Horrible, cause I didn't really study. =\ Forgot everything about acceleration and multiplied instead of dividing. I think the teacher marking my paper must have laughed when she saw that. =(

Wednesday was Chemistry mock exam. Again, didn't study much for this either. Sighs. Gave some horrid answers for characteristics of halogens too. =( But at least there's air conditioning in the hall. =D Although I got really cold cause my flu for some reason came back on Tuesday.

Went rock climbing after Chemistry. =D Got to know a few Sec 1s, like Stephen. Haha, although they were kind of hyper in the back of the van we took down to the centre? Tried out those more advanced kind of walls, super hard to do la. The moment you start climbing a few steps, you immediately feel the strain on your arms cause the wall juts outwards. Shall try again next Wednesday. =D

Thursday after school was English extra lessons. There was a talk by 9.87fm and performances by 2 local bands, but we didn't go cause English lessons clashed. Haha. Watched Planet Earth for English. The narrator has amazing English pronunciation skills, if I were him I'd probably laugh every few seconds.

Went with Stephen, Koon Tat, Denise and Xue Ee to eat at Botak Jones after that. =) Haha, it started raining when we reached Ang Mo Kio, and there was a huge thunderstorm and torrential rains. But everything ended in half an hour of so. Hail was reported in Bishan though.

Ate the double botak again. =D Then everyone started making stupid jokes and laughing. And me and Stephen started singing whenever a song we knew started playing on the radio near us.

Took 136 home after that, messaged stupid things to Yi Han with Koon Tat along the way.

Friday was NPCC training. Only about 5 sec 3s, so Woei Jiun and me went to help the logistics people, then I went to help teach the sec1s, then went for 1st class revision.

Went to cut hair with Eugene after that, then went home to prepare for 1st class.

That's about everything I did. Not including everyday lessons, like watching videos and sitting for a test during History, or running 2 rounds around the school and practicing Chin Ups for PE, and other random things.

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