Thursday, 31 January 2008

Extra Lessons.

Okay. Been staying back after school till around 5+ every day since Tuesday. Cause now that I'm secondary 4 and O levels are less than 9 months away I should be studying 90% of the time.

Blah, worst of all, I don't feel any panic or stress or whatever yet. In fact, I'm just wondering how the days pass so quickly now. =/

I don't understand why our lessons listed on the timetable end at 2pm latest, but then we have extra lessons at 2.30pm after that. =X And the extra lessons aren't really extra cause they're compulsory. =\

School on Tuesday. We had a surprise Chemistry test. But it was open book as we were allowed to see our notes on qualitative analysis. =D

Then was Social Studies. Subject was transnational terrorism. =X Tried poking Lenson again.

Recess, E Maths, then Physics where my teacher was absent! Haha, played Sega Rally with Lenson on Ivan's PSP. I won 1st place! =P

After that was Chinese. =X Gah, almost fell asleep during Chinese la.

Then school ended, except for the Secondary 4s. Went for lunch with Ivan, Lenson and Jun Han at Long John Sliver, then went back to school for Chinese. =(

We were supposed to write out our answers to general knowledge questions to train us for Oral examinations.

I did try some okay. Haha, but I think speaking in Chinese is a lot easier than writing.

The few of us at the back started calling Ivan Calbee and Lays and Pringles. Cause he was the potato man! XD Seeing Ivan dance like a potato is O.o

Went home after that.

Wednesday, I was kind of happy when I saw the timetable cause I thought we would be released at 12.30pm that day. Like weee!

Then I realised that there was Social Studies extra lessons, Chemistry extra lessons, and a Physics test for PSLs that went to the Sec 2 camp.


They should change the timetable to include extra lessons la, at least I won't feel so cheated. =\

But at least there was PE la. Most fun lesson ever. Haha, although Ivan got smashed in the head by Chee Hock's rebound, and Bernice got hit in the nose by me. =\

Got back English results and Chemistry results. 22/30 for an argumentative essay which I feel contained lots of awesome rebuttals (Should we ban stairs because someone fell down and died whilst climbing a flight of stairs?) and 18/20 for the Chemistry test where I lost 2 marks cause I forgot to add (OH) to 2 answers. =(

Lessons ended at around 4pm. =/ Went to the Space to meet Hao Xiang and Chee Sheng. Haha, when I reached there Eugene was busy doing his homework at a secluded corner and Woei Jiun was playing with a rubric's cube. Keane and Joshua were there too. Haha, did lots of stupid things like cute kung fu moves and high jumps until around 5pm, then went home.

Met Denise on the MRT to school today. Haha, actually we would have been early enough for school but then we met Woei Jiun and she started telling us about some Lucy-guy. So by the time we reached our classroom, it was locked. But we put our bags in 4 Diligence. Haha.

1 and 1/2 hours of Chinese today. =X Had to write some kind of reflection essay on some newspaper article. Something about the yellow ribbon project and how people were posing as beneficiaries to cheat others of their money. Would be kind of ironic if these people were sent to jail and ended up a few months later walking around as real beneficiaries of the yellow ribbon project.

Chemistry Practical test. Haha, like everyone was super quiet when they were mixing the chemicals and everything. Like so different from normal practical lessons which are usually noisy. =D

Maths extra lessons after school. We went to the library cause the classroom we were supposed to use was locked for some weird reason. Ended at around 4.30pm, then I went home.

Life feels so repetitive now? Blah, like everyday is just breezing past at an accelerated pace. I can't believe 1 month has gone by since New Year already. =X

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