Saturday, 1 March 2008

29th February 2008.

Okay Thursday was nothing really interesting except for Botak Jones with Stephen. Unless you count 3 periods of Chinese and 3 periods of Maths extra lessons as really interesting. =X Although we did get back our History Structured Essay Question where I scored 10/20 so it's nothing really interesting to blog about. =(

Anyways, took bus 136 home with Stephen after eating at Botak Jones. It's interesting cause we spent almost the entire journey watching Meet The Spartans with my headphones and laughing like nobody's business at the back of the bus. Haha. Watched halfway only, cause we met Yi Hong, Gerald, and Lei Bin on the bus. O.o

Reached home at around 8pm, started to chiong the proposal for Sec 1 Camp. I'm OIC for sentry duty so I spent about an hour or so coming up the introduction, objectives, the schedeule, and everything. Was down to about 3 more main points, then I decided to close another Microsoft Word window. But because the sentry duty thing I was doing was a document in a document chim computer kind of thing, I ended up closing everything instead without saving. GAH. The feeling is like...super irritated. And I was trying to maintain MSN conversations with about 10 people. -.-

So I spent another hour plus from scratch all over again. Forgot an objective, so I thought of a new one. Then helped Eugene do his proposal, sent Woei Jiun her proposal, helped Joshua edit and think of objectives, edited a few other bits and pieces and finally sent everything to Chee Sheng and Wei Ting and went to sleep at 12.30am after preparing my full uniform for NPCC the next day.

Blee. But I didn't feel that tired cause I was laughing along to online conversations. Haha.

Woke up on the 29th feeling that horrible want to jump back into bed feeling. Went to school, then went to the hall for the SL investiture. Quite well planned in my opinion. =D Although it's introspective to think it's most likely the last investiture I will be seeing in school. =\

Went back to class after that, and had a Physics common test immediately. On magnetism and electromagnetism. Although I didn't exactly study at all, I think magnetism is quite a simple topic to remember. =D Although I forgot everything about the left hand rule and will most likely get 0 marks for the last page. =(

Maths lesson was on matrices. Or the matrix. There are like so many different meanings for the word matrix la. (Proof. =P) But I think the one with the largest impression for me is the one with Neo in it. =D

Got our CA1 results too. I got 41 for Maths. =( But I got 90 for Geography which is like, O.o? I think the last time I scored 90 for something was in Primary 2. =/

LCE was on the project presentation which my group completed last week already. =P

NPCC after school, second-class retest for those who don't have their 2nd class badge. Went to help Joey Sir with the Campcraft team things after a while. Then was PT time where we played Captains' Ball. NCO+Instructors team = Ownage. =D But it's due to the numerous Captains' Ball competitions we went to last year.

NPCC ended around 6.40, went for dinner at KFC with squad. Then went home. Didn't go for Cell cause I had to wake up early the next day.

Anyways, 29th of February was kind of rushed? Leap year or no leap year. Haha. Wan Ting says Li Ling says some Chinese newspaper says the World is going to end in 4 years. AAAHHH hope it ends sooner. =) Then we won't have to study for O Levels. HEH.

4 years from now, I'll be in National Service? =)

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