Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas 2007.

Okay I shall blog about everything that happened from the 23rd December to the 25th in a single post.

Weirdly though, Christmas feels as though it's super fast to me this year. Like in the past few years Christmas seemed to take forever to come? But this year it's like: "Huh Christmas already??"

Sighs, maybe it's cause I'm busy these few days, or I'm ignorant of the calendar, or I'm just getting old. =(

Anyways, woke up at 10am last Sunday and went to Church.

Then went home and spent the entire afternoon packing my room. =/ Gosh my room looks messy again after about 5 days. Blah.

Can't remember where I went for dinner or what I ate for lunch, so never mind.

Woke up at 7am on Monday and went to Eugene's house. Haha, saw Hao Xiang, Jun Liang and Wei Kit outside Florida waiting for Hao Xiang's father to bring the cups over.

Then we went to reading room, decorated the cups until about 1pm, then I went home.

Prepared for party. Haha, relatives came over to my house. Haven't met them for quite some time? And my niece can talk already! =D She was like :"狗狗!" when she saw Snowie.

Played cards with my cousins. Haha. Dam sad la, I got 3 kings, and Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 3 at one point. But then we were playing bridge instead of "Big 2". =/ So I lost pretty terribly.

Carolers came at around 11pm, didn't join them going around caroling, cause they were coming my house what. Hahaha.

Counted down to Christmas! Then my phone started lagging like crazy. Haha, almost all my messages I tried to send failed with a "Retry at 00:20" or "Retry at 00:26". Oh yes I sent out Happy Deepavali and Happy Chinese New Year messages to everyone. =D

Everyone left at around 1am, then we went out for supper. Lol. Hunted around for a 24 hour Macdonald's, in the end we found one at Rivervale Plaza cause the one at Rivervale Mall closes at midnight.

Reached home at around 3am, then woke up at a horrid disgusting 7am. Gah. Cause there was a Christmas Breakfast thing at Gracehaven. Woah, like after eating turkey and ham and all the "Christmas" foods at home for dinner, I'm suddenly looking at turkey and ham and more food. Haha, but I ate anyways.

Went to Church after that, Christmas Service. Ended at around 1pm? Went for lunch at J8. Ate Chicken Rice. =D

Went home after that and slept almost immediately. Woke up again at around 8pm, went to Jalan Kayu for dinner.

I think going to Jalan Kayu to eat curry fish head for dinner on Christmas is weird, but we were all so sick of eating "Christmas" food already, haha.

I guess that's about all that happened during Christmas. In retrospect, it feels like a blur? Maybe cause I didn't really pause to think that Christmas was coming, I haven't had time to really reflect and think back onto what happened at all these past few days.

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