Monday, 17 December 2007


Haha haven't blogged in a week. Maybe cause I've been busy or tired or lazy or a varied combination. Ah whatever.

Went to send Chee Sheng off last Sunday. At the Airport. Woke up late at 5.30am. =X Then went downstairs to meet Chin Ee and took bus 34 to the airport. Met Eugene, Nigel, Kristle, Hao Xiang and Wei Kit there. Chee Sheng almost went off without meeting us cause we were late. Haha. But in the end we met him, passed him his present wrapped in newspaper. Haha and he went to the same gate I went when we went off to Perth.

Went off for breakfast at Macdonald's after he left. Ate Pancakes. Then took the MRT all the way to Raffles, changed to Dhoby Ghaut, then to Punggol. Cause we were bored. =X Took about one and a half hour before I reached home. Then went out almost immediately to Church. Blee.

Church was okay, went home after that. Then went out for dinner at the Kallang Leisure Park next to the Indoor Stadium. It's "leisure" cause it has an ice skating rink, k-box, bowling alley, a cinema and an arcade. And it opened only around 3 months ago too. But it was cold though, super cold. =X Ate at this Japanese restaurant sushi thing which charges 90cents a plate, then walked around looking at people ice skate and went home. =)

Went to try and search for POP things on Monday. Ate at KFC for lunch with Hao Xiang, then Eugene was supposed to come and find us, but then Wei Ting asked us to go Ding Qi's house, and we went to meet Eugene instead. He waited for like 1 hour because we told him to cross the road and wait again when his bus came. =P

Then when we went Ding Qi's house she was waiting for us at the MRT. Waste money la. Took a train down to Plaza Sing, then went Spotlight to search for decorations. I think Spotlight is a place for old people, that's Minghui's horrid disgusting stereotyping for you.

But we didn't know what to buy really, so we went around walking everywhere. Went home at around 6+, then went out for dinner at some place which I have forgotten. Blah. I'm getting old.

I haven't blogged about Perth Day 4 yet, cause I just don't seem to have the time to la. Will try to blog about it some day. =)

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