Saturday, 22 December 2007


Okay, went back home after PSL camp, and finally had a chance to use the computer after 3 agonizing days. It wasn't that bad la, and I'd not that mad about computers and such.

Anyways, went out for Corps Christmas Party at 6. The party was like: Woah. Especially the dinner. I think after having spent 3 days eating rice with dishes and fast food and dry mee siam had something to do with it. But the buffet dinner was very nice la. Got all the stuff you'd expect at Christmas like turkey, ham, log cakes, and I didn't see a single grain of rice! =D

Party was cool too, there was a magician doing tricks, and I remember seeing his cut a cross with 1 line trip from somewhere. I think it was a camp I attended with my father some 8 or 9 years ago? I can't remember anything significant about the camp at all. =/

Party ended at around 9pm? Then because we had nothing better to do, I went to Orchard Road with family. Walked from Far East to Dhoby Ghaut, seeing about 5 different bands performing, a choir from somewhere and lots and lots of lights. =) Went to eat at Gelare after that. Waffles! Then went home, reached home at around midnight?

Went to Church on Sunday, went home, then went out for dinner again! This time to Bugis Junction. Haha. Steamboat buffet! Haha, like 2 days in a row kind of thing? I think I regained whatever weight I lost during the chalet/camp? Bleh. The buffet was quite nice, but much more expensive then the Church one.

Walked around Bugis Street after that, saw the giant fan! It looks like it's going to drop at any moment? But it's quite windy underneath even though it's running at 20% capacity?

Walked to Little India, then took a train back home after that, reached home at around midnight?

Monday, went to Ding Qi's house to discuss POP. Went with Hao Xiang to Hougang mall where we walked around contemplating the various options for dinner. Then we went to eat at LJS, then went to the library, borrowed books (haha nerds!), then we went to the arcade and played Time Crisis 3. =D

Haha I'm such a pro at Time Crisis okay? I cleared about one and a half area all on my own after Hao Xiang died. =P

Tuesday, went to celebrate Nina's belated Birthday. =) At first was supposed to meet up with Hao Xiang in the Morning and buy his PSP, but then I suddenly remember I was supposed to go some book fair with my mother at Suntec, so I didn't meet Hao Xiang. Then in the end Hao Xiang said he not going so I asked Denise to go buy a present with me instead.

Saw Chee Hock and Chuan Hui at Kovan. Then after buying both the present and the cake we went to the White Tangerine cafe at Kovan-Paya-Lebar CC. It's a nice cafe, haha, something like Settler's cafe with lesser board games? It has a pool table though.

Haha, Chee Sheng and me were like waiting inside the cafe whilst everyone was outside cause we wanted to "surprise" Nina with the cake. Then we started playing 13, 8, 5 which is like Dai Di? =D

Finished eating at around 10pm? Then went home. When Denise was about to get down the bus she realised her MP3 was still with me. So I got down at the next bus stop and walked back. Then walked all the way home. =/ But it's like exercise or something cause I think I gained a few kilograms from all the dinners. Reached home at around midnight?

Wednesday, woke up at 7am feeling like going back to sleep. But Minghui is clever now! I jumped out of bed immediately, changed then went to Hougang MRT. Waited for Alvin cause we were supposed to go to the Health Promotion Board at Outram Park.

We were sort of like a focus group? Cause they got Alvin's number through the Anti-Smoking competition. Then now they needed feedback on an upcoming website? Neeteen. I think the web design is quite cool, lots of vector graphics and AJAX commenting and it discussing health topics in a very youth-orientated tone? Something like Stomp bah. Ironically, I was asked for comments on Stomp before it was released too. =D

Haha, but I think me and Alvin feel dam paiseh. Cause they gave us free breakfast, free drink and a $10 Popular voucher at the end of everything. =X

Went to Vivo for lunch after that. Ate at Pastamania. Then we went to find Jian Hui's present.

Met up with Jian Hui at Boon Keng and passed him his present. Nike Oxygen. Haha. Then went to Kovan and went to Ding Qi's house to discuss POP. In the end we played Dai Di until left with me, Woei Jiun and Ding Qi. Then we went to White Tangerine (again) for dinner. And Dai Di. Lol I think we're becoming addicts to that game. Must...control.

Went home while the 2 went for Taekwando. Reached home at around midnight?

Thursday, spent the day at home cause I didn't want to go out.

Friday, woke up at 7am and went for Marshalling duty. Sec 1 Registration. Did car park duty for a while and directed cars to where they were supposed to park, then helped manage the queue line for people buying the school uniform. Blee. In a way I was reminded of doing Kettling during the Starbucks? Cause I'm also walking up and down the queue, only this time I'm not holding a container in my hand.

Marshalling ended at around 12pm, went for dinner at LJS with Wei Kit, Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang. Wah, the 3 of them said I couldn't finish eating and started making horrible sounds and suggestions meant to induce vomiting. Haha. But in the end I finished everything la, except a few crumbs.

Today, woke up at 7am, went to school to discuss POP things with the Sec3s and the instructors. POP in 6 days.

Ended at 1pm, then went for lunch at KFC, then went home. =)

Going for BBQ later tonight. And that's my entire week in one blog post. Probably missed out some insignificant parts though. =/

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