Friday, 7 December 2007

Starbucks Christmas Open House 2007

Read the news first?

Haha okay, went to Raffles City at around 4.30pm, then I went off towards the Taxi Stand area where there was a Starbucks. I never knew there were 2 Starbucks at Raffles City. Haha.

Grouped with Yu Rong, Ming Ren and Cheryl. Staff there were quite friendly. =)

It was a 2 hour event that entitled anyone to a free tall-sized drink. Donations to the Salvation Army of any amount are encouraged. Although they put the Partnership thing in the footer, so many people just see the poster and go "WAH FREE DRINK".

Was quite a long queue although not as long compared to the Starbucks outside the MRT, but the queue moved fast la. Went around asking for donations from people in the queue.

I would say $2 was the average amount people donated. A Starbucks Tall cup costs about $4 anyways. Some gave like loose change from their pockets, like 20 cents or 50 cents, some said they already donated, some said they left did not bring their wallets. The worst though, were those that said a flat-out no? Like, not even 20 cents? And worse still, a few people simply looked away and dao us. Blah. Even after I directly faced them and told them it was for helping needy families.

Gosh, evil uncharitable stingy selfish disgusting revolting people. But I guess these people are part and parcel of everyday life, it's their conscience anyways.

But not everyone was bad la, some people donated $5, and 2 actually donated $10?

Oh and I saw Paul Twohill twice. Both times whilst he walked past the outlet. His hair is like, longer than Yurong and Cheryl la. =X

And I saw the Cadet Inspector in charge of my contingent for NPDP 2007. Like, I was thinking how he looked familiar, then I thought he looked like Justin, then I forgot all about it. Then when he was walking out I suddenly thought of Yi Hong, then I remembered who he was! Haha. But I forgot his name. =/

And we got a free drink at the end, we also donated lar... =D And we also got a coupon for another free drink and a name card to call if we needed a job.

Went back to Church to pass the metal tins and the money inside, then went to J8 for dinner at KFC, then went home. Reached home at around 11pm.

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