Saturday, 1 December 2007

Perth Day 2.

(Okay I know I'm taking a horribly long time to blog everything, haha. Been kind of busy the past few days, and now I have a sore throat and fever. =/)

Woke up quite late in the morning cause we slept late. =/ Went outside, and saw this cool car parked right outside our room.

So cool. It's like the car from Transformers. Blee. And the water droplets on the car were actually condensed. That shows how cold it was at night right?

Packed our bags, left them under the bus, then me and Lenson went walking around the perimeter again cause it was so boring waiting for breakfast to start.

Our room is the on the ground floor. It doesn't link to the upper level. =(

The long long road again!

There was a playground around the back of the inn! We played for like 5 minutes then we got bored. Short attention span. =/

Lenson decided the ground would make a nice photograph. No la, he was taking photos of a bunch of snails.

Okay, went for breakfast after that. Breakfast was a hotel buffet style kind of thing. Got bacon and eggs and hash browns and sausages and cornflakes and toast and milk and orange juice and other breakfast foods. So shiok la, but I didn't take any photos. =/

After breakfast, we boarded the bus for another long drive. This time we went to the Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk. Awesome place man. At this point we travelled about 452km from Perth already. It's a forest made up of Karri and Tingle trees and has Red Tingle trees which can only be found in that area.


And the tree top walk is much higher and longer than Singapore's HSBC one, which I visited when on an NPCC Unit hike 2 years ago.

All of the signs at the tree top walk are shaped like leaves.

The trees are super tall man. Taller than me can? =X

The suspension walkway was not exactly rigid and stable. But it would only shake around at most.

We reached the highest point, which was 40 metres above the ground. The highest point for the HSBC one is 25 metres.

There were various viewing platforms to stand on.

So tempting... ;)

Mr Yeo and Mr Koh. CSI photographers? =D

We also saw this trail that would lead all the way to Perth. About a 6 week hike? I think your legs would be like super nua jelly at the end. =D

That's our bus with Lenson taking a photo of something.

Okay after the awesome giant taller-than-Minghui trees, we boarded the bus and went to a Lavender and Berry Farm.

Lavender and Berries!

The farm was located at the edge of a lake/pond/river/body of water which had really picturesque views. Like something out of a fairy tale or Enid Blyton book. You can just imagine pixies jumping around or rabbits and Teletubbies hiding around somewhere.

Alpacas were like Llamas? Don't have a nice picture of them though. So go google.

Saw this doll near the toilet. I think it looks really freaky. All you need is some horrid image editing.


We had a pinic lunch next to the lake/pond/river/body of water.

Fresh is best. =D

Erh, not really nice cause of the numerous flies swooping down and trying to land on the fries and chicken. Blah. But after that we had berry-flavoured ice cream. =)

And I realised I don't remember seeing a real live duck when in Singapore. Goat, sheep, white tiger, boa constrictor all see before. But not a single duck. =/

The water is much clearer than any lake in Singapore. Unless you count swimming pools. =D

This duck was like less than a meter away cause it thought I washad food.

And we were given food to feed the Alpacas. But most of us used the food to feed the ducks anyways. (Cause ducks are cuter! =D)

They didn't really dare to eat out of our hands, unlike the animals we would feed later.

And there were lots of bees getting nectar from flowers too.

The bus which "accompanied" us throughout the 6 days in Australia.

We stopped at various petrol kiosks and rest stops like this BP throughout the journey.

Bought a stick of mentos. It looks exactly like the mentos in Singapore! =D

After another arduous, long bus ride, we went to the Ngilgi Cave.

See the sign pointing to the cave? ;)

Before entering the caves we stopped at this bird bath which was directly above another point in the caves.

Taking photos in a cave is near impossible without a flash or tripod so the lighting looks unnatural.

Directly above this "corner" was the bird bath thing.

We went on the Torchlight tour which required no climbing or crawling, although there was another Adventure tour that went down to the deepest parts of the cave.

Saw lots of the Stalagmites and Stalactites scattered throughout the caves. And I had to crouch about 30 degrees at some points because minghui very tall the ceilings were so low.

Then, whilst in the cave, the most unbelievable thing happened to me. It was shocking, unpredictable, unimaginable.

My camera ran out of battery. =(

Ah wells, so I didn't take any photos at all after that.

But we went to a sheep farm, saw lots of small cute lambs and sheep. And we ate lamb for dinner there. =\

Then we witnessed how the farmers fed the lambs milk there, and some of us got a chance to try it. Then we went to a souvenir shop where I bought a dog and lamb soft toy made of wool, which I gave to my sisters back in Singapore. =)

The dog is the one on the right btw.

After the sheep farm, we took the bus to Broadwater Beach Resort.

Stayed there for the night with Nick Chew, Wan, Nick Koh, Rayson, and Si Peng. The resort we stayed was quite large with an attic and a kitchen and all.

Lenson and I went around to try and find some place that sold food. All we found were some vending machines and a games room where everyone was playing pool or arcade games. Haha.

Then Lenson and I went to the bar there. =D Tried to buy food, not alcoholic drinks okay? But the till was closed, so we couldn't buy anything.

But we met this guy who was friendly and asked us where we were from. Turns out his father was a soldier who served in Singapore and he lived in some estate as a child.

Kind of interesting to meet someone from another country who used to live in the country you live in?

But anyways, we went back to our room/chalet after that. Slept at around 1am.

Day 2 ends here. =)

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