Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Perth Day 3.

Woke up at around 6.30am, too late to catch the sun rise or go to the beach. Blee.

Packed up everything onto the bus, then took the bus to Macdonald's. Ate a bacon burger thing which we don't have in Singapore. Darren was at the same table as me, and he ordered pancakes. He ate by pouring just the right amount of honey onto the pancake so none of it spills onto the plate, then adds half of the butter from the "sachet" and spreads it evenly onto the pancake. Then cuts the pancake into equal, square sections. Gosh. I would have just spam everything at once and cut everything messily. Haha. Sophistication.

After breakfast, we went to an Apple Cider Factory. I expected a huge concrete building with factory doors and a loading bay on one side surrounded by a metal barbed wire fence. But it was in fact a small building made of wood surrounded by a plantation and a vast lake. With an abandoned mine in the center.

That wooden structure thing to the left is the mine called the Hunter's Venture Mine.

The factory/farm diversified itself into many different aspects of agriculture like fishing or breeding fish instead of just apples.

The "guide's" name was Steve and he was holding a Marron.
Black and White photos are nice. =)

This was a lake to the left of the farm that would be open for fishing in Autumn? If I remember correctly.

Robot! =D

This machine was actually used to do something to make the something into something. Okay I don't know what it's used for lar, it's just a random photo. =D

Tasted and tried some of the apple juice after that. Like, there were many different flavours? Apple and Cinnamon, Apple and Ginger, Apple and Apple, and Pineapple. Bought 2 1litre bottles, cause they were considerably cheap at AUD$4? Drank one throughout the rest of the trip, the other I brought back to Singapore.

After the buying and tasting and everything, boarded the bus again. This time we went to Springhill Farm. There was no reception for handphones, let alone Wi Fi. =/

First thing we did was put our bags in our room. Same room as Nick Chew, Wan, Nick Ho and Lenson. Actually it was just 5 beds lined side by side. But it's so much better than squeezing 6 or 7 people into a tent. =P

And immediately after putting our bags, we saw Kangaroos outside! And goats and sheep and this emu!

I think this emu is super greedy and evil. Because of the way it grabs food. Haha. It ate flowers.

I think Kangaroos are awesome animals.

The goats are the ones on the right btw.

Our rooms were to the right.

Then I went around to the back of our rooms and saw this sheep.

It was about 2 meters aways from me with no fence or border at all.

Tried very unsuccessful to get it to go back into the sheep pen. But then it could run super fast when it wanted la. O.o Like can you imagine losing to a sheep in a race!?! In the end it ran out of the farm. But the farmer said it would come back when it was hungry. =)

We had Chinese food for lunch. Actually I didn't know it was Chinese food until someone told me. =/

After lunch, we boarded the back of this truck thing.

I think we looked like sheep or cattle. Haha. But it was super windy when the truck moved.

The farm was about the size of 60 hectares, which is 1/10th the size of Singapore?

We went to this building which was super full of hay stacks.

There were flies everywhere though, swallowed about 1 or 2 flies. Bleh. The flies have no taste at all, just full of protein. =X

We took some hay from the hay stacks, then went to feed the cows after that.

I think the cows look super dao or buay song. Like all giving angry faces. =D

Even when they eating also so dao. =/

We went back to our rooms for a water break after that, then we went to feed the animals with bread. But I didn't take any photos. =D

Then we went to see how sheep are sheared. I think it feels so painful, like some barber cutting your hair botak with a razor.

Finished Product.

Then we went off to fish some crab/lobster/crustacean thing.

Inside that muddy pond was a small lobster like creature.
Er, this was taken after it was cooked. But it's like prawns or mini lobsters la.

Super irritating la, some would slip out through the nets, but it was very fun la. Like kampong fishing or something.

Then a few of us (actually a lot) decided to walk back to the farm instead of seating on the truck thing.

It was quite a short walk, and it was like 22 degrees weather even though it was bright and sunny.

The cloud looks like Australia?

The Sun rays were very nice. Breathtaking.

This tree looks evil! EEEEVVVIIIILL!!

This is a flower stalk. I don't know where the flower went.

We made it back to the farm alive. Haha. Had to cross some barbed wire fences and an electric one. And faced lots of dangerous creatures like the emu. O.o It drizzled for a short while too.

Then we decided to go and photograph the kangaroos up close. =D

National Geographic Photographer. =D

Went for dinner after that. Which was, Italian food? I dunno lar. It's edible can already.

Went out to photograph the sunset after that. The sunset was normal, but the surrounding horizon and landscape was amazingly large.

Haha and I decided to try if I could edit the Sunset.

Looks oranger?

Nothing much after that, oh yes we had desert which was ice cream with jelly and cocktail. =)

Bleh. That ends day 3. =)

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