Monday, 17 December 2007

Class Chalet.

Tried to go to sleep at 2am, 3am, 5am last Tuesday. Finally succeeded at 6am. Insomnia? Haha. Maybe cause I was excited about the chalet (er...maybe), but I just couldn't sleep larr. Tried everything, from playing guitar to walking around to staring out the window looking at the first bus leaving the interchange. In the end I started writing a story until I felt tired at 6:15 and went to sleep.

Woke up at 9am. =X This time I was tired, but ah what the heck, tried going back to sleep but I didn't want to repeat all the things that I did again. So I went out and bathed Snowie. Was supposed to bathe him on Sunday.

Lazed around at home wondering if I should get to sleep. But in the end I was busy reading The Green Mile by Stephen King. Met Jude at Punggol Interchange at around 5pm, then took bus 3 to Downtown East.

Malvin told us the chalet was near the Cheers outlet larr, so me and Jude paid $1 each to enter the Coasta Sands Chalet(Downtown East) when they were actually at Coasta Sands Chalet(Pasir Ris). -.-

Stayed over at the Chalet for one night with Malvin, Chun Wee, Chee Hock, Koon Tat, Jun Han, Jude and Airil. Chee Hock, Jun Han, Jude and I wanted to go sleep at 1am for 1 hour, but I didn't really sleep much, mostly on and off cause Chun Wee was watching some Cantonese drama on his DVD player. =X

Went to Macdonald's at around 4am, Macdonald's was like the only place open for 24 hours there, so it was crowded? Haha, nothing much to do really, so we went back to the chalet.

Played a kind of sick version of Daidi, it kind of makes you really regret having the most cards on your hand if you lose. Haha. And Chun Wee was like singing stuff in a disgusting high pitch tone which none of us can la.

The rest all went to sleep after Koon Tat and Chee Hock left for CO which was around 7am. Haha, at first Chun Wee and Malvin went to sleep, then Jun Han, then Jude took out a marker and wrote "Lampard Sucks" on Malvin's foot, then he left for Soccer Practice. Then Airil went to sleep after playing Burnout against me on PSPs. In the end left me playing Burnout Legends on Airil's PSP and getting super irritated cause I kept losing by only 1 or 2 takedowns. Haha.

They woke up at around 10am, then Jemaine, Xue Ee and Yi Han came. Then we walked to Escape and saw Denise, Elaine and Li Jing. We started queuing for the Pirate ship, but just when it was our turn to enter, the ride closed due to the rain. =X

Stupid larr, so we went to the Haunted house and everyone was like so scared. I don't find the Haunted house scary lor. I think it's cool with lots of interesting details to see. But everyone was like rushing through and didn't want to stay for long. Haha. I think the electric chair part is totally off because the cap is made of metal and not black plastic, and the guy wouldn't shake so much unless something went wrong with the electrocution. And I think the only part which was mildy scary was when Airil and I were near the exit and everyone else had gone out. We were like in front of this "corpse" which was cut in half with it's body dangling behind, then Airil and I were like feeling his guts, and the top half of it's body started rising. Hahaha! Like going to cut Airil's hand off.

In the end the rain got heavier, so we went for Breakfast/Lunch at Burger King. The coke there tasted like water. But we didn't go complain la. Went back to the chalet after that. Then went swimming with Airil, Jun Han, Malvin and Chun Wee. Woah, it's been like 10 months since I last jumped into a swimming pool?

We played weird games trying to catch each other in the swimming pool until we were super tired. Then bathed back at the chalet.

Played some snap game with Denise, Fiona and Xue Ee. Denise was like Snap! Then grab my hand with her super long sharp fingernails and she shouted: "OW My Fingernails!" -.- Like my hand was impaled with those sharp fingernails and she says her fingernails pain. Hmph.

Went out to Escape again at around 5pm cause the rain stopped. =D

Played Pirate Ship which I was laughing cause Denise was super scared. =P Then went around playing all the rides there, didn't really feel excited or exhilarated at all. =( Felt super sleepy la.

Went back to Chalet, where they started BBQ already. Aww. BBQ was quite okay. Had lots of food and Sting-Ray and Sotong and Satay. Awesome. But I didn't stay long cause there was PSL camp the next day and I didn't pack yet. So I went home at 10pm, reached home at 11.

Started packing for PSL camp, went to sleep at around 2am.

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