Saturday, 29 December 2007


Met up with Chee Sheng, Wei Ting and Elaine at Punggol Interchange last Saturday at 6. Took bus 3 to Downtown East. Haha so many stupid things happened on the bus. Like Wei Ting using a very unique technique to balance herself.

Walked from Downtown East to Pasir Ris park. There's like so many tents pitched and so many people barbecuing. =/

Haha barbecue was quite fun. Although it rained on and off for quite a while at first. Meaning everyone was squeezed under a couple of umbrellas near the bbq pit. Haha.

Chee Sheng was the butter boy. Like we got nothing better to do and there was lots of margarine so we just lathered the margarine onto the wire gauze and watched it catch fire. Like dam stupid la, haha, we even put margarine on the Sting-Rays and Sotongs wrapped in aluminum foil. As a result, some of the aluminum caught fire?

Then we played around putting ice into everyone's shirt. Haha, we played until there was no more ice. =X

And Chee Sheng has this weird taste for marshmallows on fire. Like he will roast the marshmallows over the pit until they catch fire, then take it out and wave it around before blowing out the fire and peeling off the burnt parts. Then eating the remainder. -.-

Played until about 10pm, then we walked back to the bus stop. On the way back Chee Sheng and me like super suay la. Cause the grass patch we cut through was simply overflowing with mud. In the end my shoes were like, super muddy? =\

Took 3 home with Chee Sheng who changed to MRT. Then went home, and went out again!

Went to Mustafa at 12 midnight. Like siao one right? My family are nocturnal people. We went Mustafa because there's no other place to go that's open 24 hours. Unless you count 7-11 or Cheers or Macdonald's la.

Walked around looking at things. Like Mustafa seriously got millions of things? Saw a Nikon D-80 kit at $1700. Which is probably cheaper than anything you can find at Funan or Sim Lim Square.

Reached home at around 3am. This time I went to sleep. =)

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