Friday, 7 December 2007

Passing Out Parade Auditions.

Woke up today at 8am, but then I felt so tired I went back to sleep, and woke up again 15 minutes later, then went back to sleep, then woke up again 15 minutes later, then back to sleep. Remained in this continuum until 9am, when I finally decided it was such a stupid thing sleeping and waking up again and again and I was going to be late if I continued.

I should have just dragged myself out of bed at 8.

Reached school at around 10am, first time wearing toilet cleaner NCO tee.

Discussed the performance a bit, then went to buy a cake for Chee Sheng cause his birthday is this Sunday. =)

Bought a mango cake, then went to Hougang Mall food court to celebrate. But we didn't cut and eat cause there was no time. Like only half an hour left before we had to fall in.

Ate lunch, then went back to school.

Auditions was okay la. We received some good comments about the skit. Some. Maybe cause we were laughing ourselves. =D

Watched the Sec 2s and 3s performance, then we spent the rest of the training learning new cheers. =/

Ate dinner at Macdonald's after that. Shaker fries! Haha.

Didn't go to cell cause got Campcraft training tomorrow. Bleh.

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