Monday, 10 December 2007

Out Of This World.

Woke up at 7am for Campcraft training yesterday. Saw Hudson at the MRT! Wah, he's taller than me lor. =X And he works at Subway? Blee.

Then went to school, campcraft training. We've been training like, 4 times a week. But didn't really improve?

Hao Xiang and Nigel left early. But Wei Kit, Eugene, Li Jing and me went to buy Ramly burger. Wee, I'm like eating Ramly burgers every few days cause a Pasar Malam set up near Hougang Mall. It's like super tasty la, and super unhealthy, but almost everything in the world that is tasty is unhealthy anyways. =D

Went to Gracehaven in the evening. There was an open house event thing. An 'out of this world' musical. Haha. I think it's quite cool man! Like the place was decorated with glitter and lights and stars and aliens and this disco ball in the center. =D

And the musical itself was great too. The only horrid thing was that I was constantly referred to as 'uncle bee's son'. Bleah.

There was food at Gracehaven, but it was super crowded, and it was mainly for parents.

So we went to Chomp Chomp. Wee. Felt super full though. Like going to explode at any moment. Haha. Took 136 home after that. Reached home at around 10pm.

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