Saturday, 14 June 2008

Busy Eating.

Haven't been blogging for more than a week already. =X Lots of random events to blog about, so it will be a long post. =) And plenty of pictures too so if you have like a 56k internet connection then you should disable photos or something. Ah whateverr. Oh and all food described in this post will be italicized.

Anyways, when I'm not going out doing stuff I'm wasting my time away at home doing anything but homework. =\ I think my room's too distracting, too much stupid pointless unproductive things to do.

Like, taking pictures of Snowie. I think he's very afraid of my camera now cause the flash keeps blinding his eyes.

Or I'm messing around with Virtual DJ.
Dam cool la, allows you to do a whole bunch of effects, crossovers, samples, mixing, and a bunch of other audio related things. ;) It's an awesome time waster too.

Went to Parkway Parade on Monday for dinner. Ate at this steamboat thing. Gosh. The food is okay la, but everything there is highly overpriced. Like, since when did ice water cost 30cents? Sigh. The steamboat was nice though. =)

Then went grocery shopping at Giant. Whilst waiting at the cashier spamming some random pen trick, this elderly man and lady were like looking at me and trying to catch my eye. =O

Then when I looked up and saw them looking at me the lady asked :"Can I borrow your pen?"

Me being such a gracious and wonderful person *cough* I replied :"Of course" and gave her the pen which I was spinning. Haha. =D

Then she used the pen to write on some lucky draw forms before returning it to me and saying something like :"Oh because you were twirling it and all, thank you."

Haha, although I'd prefer pen spinning to twirling, it's still cool man.

Went for squad meeting on Tuesday at Kovan mac. Nothing much la, but we discussed the skit for campfire performance. Went to play Defence Of The Ancients at this LAN shop near Kovan, gosh I haven't played that game for almost a year already. So many new items and heroes la. Blah. Teamed with Hao Xiang and Jun Liang against Chee Sheng and Wei Kit.

Joshua was such a computer addict he got the most kills, but his team lost because Chee Sheng has never played Defence Of The Ancients before. Haha. And I think I killed 3 people and died 10 times. =X Mostly due to Joshua backstabbing me and me not even knowing. Sigh.

Went to take pictures of the HI Musical rehearsals on Wednesday. Met Lenson in the Morning at his house and walked to school. Got to meet Ryan who's a photographer and guitar-player too. Awesome, haha. The three of us were like talking and playing around flashing each other with our external flash units. Unfortunately my flash unit is the lousiest la.

Took a couple of photographs but I don't think I should post them here. =) Go visit if you want to see the pictures which should be up shortly. (Shameless Advertising)

Haha, stayed in the canteen and talked with Ryan and Lenson for about an hour. Haha. From cameras to games to computers to lots of other random things.

Then went down to Downtown East after that for a chalet with my family. Feels weird going for a chalet with your family, but it's quite fun la. Ordered 2 pizzas for lunch. =D Lazed around the chalet for a while, then went out to explore around the new E! Hub.

There was a care bear meet and greet session, but unfortunately I missed it. =(

Walked around E! Hub which has like cinemas, bowling alleys, an ice-skating rink, all the other entertainment stuff. Then we went to New York for dinner.

=D Ate this bbq platter for 2 people,
and this seafood platter also for 2 people.
=D I was super full by the end la, and we managed to finish everything with enough room for cotton candy.
Haha, the raw salmon and crab were awesome, and the chicken too. The ribs were not glazed with any sauce though, so it was kind of dry.

Went to the arcade at the 4th floor after dinner and tried to play the soft toy grabbing machine. The one where you press the up down button to try and grab the soft toy. Haha. I think we spent like $6 just trying to get this Winnie The Pooh one. But it's impossible la. Like, we got so close that the hooks actually grazed past Winnie The Pooh's shirt, but did not grab him up cause the hooks all got no strength one. -.-

Then, because we had nothing better to do, we caught a late night movie at 10:45pm. Kung Fu Panda! Haha. It's a hilarious show la. Definitely worth watching. And the tickets only cost $6, and the cinema was quite deserted, should watch late night movies more often. =)

Went back to our chalet after that, and slept at around 2am. Because it's a family chalet la, so never ton. But I woke up at an insane time of 6.30am to go catch the Sunrise at Pasir Ris Park. And naturally I brought my camera along.

Of course, you're probably thinking that Minghui taking pictures = stupid pictures of random nonsensical objects of no meaning or purpose; like some stick stuck in a bottle lying on the beach or something.

And that is exactly what I have done.


In case you didn't know, that is a coconut tree. =D

Saw this weird looking thing lying on the grass. A couple of bees were buzzing around it too. Then I looked up and saw even more of these things.

I guess it's a flower la. -.-

Oh, I did take pictures of the Sunrise la. Eventually. Haha.

I found these starfish in a rock pool on top of a rock(duh). Tried like 30 different shots of the starfish but almost all came out blur. =X I think there's a small crab in the picture too.

Oh, and whilst I was happily taking pictures, this guy cycled past me and stopped. Then he turned around and told me something along the lines of "if you want to take pictures of the Sunrise, now is the best time."

Haha. I think my expression is best described as : O.o

He started talking about all sorts of photography things, like the D300 he uses but forgot to bring along, the best place in Pasir Ris park to take Sunrise shots. And throughout the conversation my expression didn't really change much. Haha. Maybe I'm not used to having strangers come up to me and comment on how to take pictures la. He even asked me if I knew about the Rule of Thirds. -.-

Went for breakfast at Macdonald's after taking enough pictures and saying goodbye to that guy. Yea I think Mcgriddles is nice.

Saw this cat when we were checking out. Scary eyes.

Haha, I think I've posted way too many pictures already. But ahhh whatever. =P Took bus 3 back home, then rested a while and went out in the Afternoon for lunch. Went to Jack's Place at Causeway Point. =D Ate some Mushroom and Chicken baked rice. Didn't take any picture though, cause I didn't bother to bring my camera along.

Okay, then I went back home and lazed around. Went out for dinner at Sentosa. Haha. Actually we contemplated eating at Food Republic but decided on eating just 豆花 and going to the Kou Fu in Sentosa for dinner. But because we took such a long time to get to the food court that it was like closed by the time we reached. Blee. Haha. Walked around Sentosa anyways.

There was this group of children walking in front of us, then when the fireworks from the Songs Of The Sea lit up, they were all like :"AAAAHH AAAAAHHH!!!" They were super enthusiastic and happy just to see fireworks. I don't remember being like that when I was young. Sighs.

Went back to Vivo City, walked around some more, then went for supper at Toast Box. Haha. Ate Kaya Toast and Teh Bing. More food. =)

Went back to Vivo on Friday. -.- Watched Kung Fu Panda again, with Denise and Stephen and Geraldine *eyebrows more repeatedly up and down* Lol. Had lunch at Food Republic, then went to the arcade and played around. Unfortunately I won everybody in some weird The Fast and The Furious racing game which is horribly slow. Heehee. =P

Took a train down to Bishan for cell group after that. Haha, message was quite funny. Cause it was about BGR. But it's like mostly common sense stuff la.

Went back home after that, but stopped by at the Pasar Malam near my house.

Haha. =P More food.

Went for lunch at Carl's Junior at Big Splash on Saturday.

Tried the Western Bacon burger. =D

Then we went to Mount Faber and Henderson Crossing. It's that new bridge connecting Kent Ridge to Mount Faber la.

Anyways, went to some lookout point on Mount Faber first cause we got lost somewhere. But from the lookout point you can see the bridge so we made our way there. Haha.

The bridge is quite nice la. The design is such that you can't really see any sharp corners and jutting edges, it's all flowing like waves. Hence it's called Henderson Waves. =)

But I think the place is a magnet for photographers already. I saw this couple having their wedding photos taken by a photographer with D3 and this huge bulky lens, and this guy with 300mm and D300 with battery grip, and a bunch of other Canon Eos users and a D80 guy too. Okay, I guess half the people reading won't know what I'm talking about. Heh.

Wanted to walk the entire trail until Kent Ridge Park, but my family were all quite tired after getting lost in Mount Faber already. Haha.

Wanted to go to the Suntec City Convention Center for the IT show, but I changed my mind at the last moment because I don't want to depress myself seeing all the awesome gadgets and knowing that I can't afford any. =(

In the end we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens. =) Super adventurous right? Lol.

Haha. The bigger tortoise must be like : -.- Then the smaller one must be like : =P

WAH. LOOK at the way that girl can ride the bike without touching the pedals.

Haha, the dog is looking at me!! I think this was an extremely tyco shot cause the dog only looked at me for about 3 seconds and I simply happened to be passing by in between 2 trees and the couple happened to both be looking the other way. =)

Emo statue.

Okay, that's about what I did for the past week. I think I've gained at least a kilogram from all that food. Haha.

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