Saturday, 22 March 2008

No Physical Activity.

Haha, I'm supposed to be excused from any physical activity for a week because of that flu I had last Tuesday. No running, jumping, those kind of things. Blah.

So, went to school on Wednesday. Spent PE lesson running 2 rounds around the school (and finishing within the time limit although I walked for the second round =P), and practicing standing broad jump cause it's like impossible for me to jump la. I think it's my technique or something cause I can easily pass everything else.

Anyways, after PE was Geography. Had to do a mind map on two factors concerning industrial location in group of 4. Then was English. Then went for lunch at Macdonald's with Lenson, Jun Han and Jude. Then was Physics extra lessons.

But enough about boring school and PE lessons, haha. Went rock-climbing after school at West Coast Recreation Center. Signed up for it a few weeks back with Lenson. The place is like, an hour's ride from Hougang. Although the lesson was kind of basic? But anyways, got to climb once or twice, helped to belay the Sec 1s too. Blee, and I'm not supposed to do any physical activity too. Haha.

Thursday was horrible, had a Chinese test in the morning, then there was an English test where we had to write an essay. Maths extra lessons after school, then was supposed to do English project but Lenson wasn't free. Got tricked into doing the History essay on the Cold War by Jemaine, Koon Tat and Yi Han instead.

Walked home after school cause I have nothing better to do.

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