Thursday, 27 March 2008

Easter Weekend.

Okay wee haven't blogged in a long time again.

Woke up on Good Friday at around 8am, went for breakfast, then went to Church for service. Sermon was quite interesting to me cause I think it's cool the way the Good Friday message always seems so new every year. Maybe it's cause after 365 days you kind of seem to forget the past year's message, but ah whatever.

Went for lunch at Velocity after service, then went home. Finished Angels and Demons, and until now I have not returned it to Eugene yet. Blee.

Went out with sister to cell after that. Lots of people came cause it's a public holiday. =D And Guan You gave the sermon. =) Stayed back after that for a while to help clear the stage for a wedding, then went outside to wait for our parents to pick us up.

I realised that the seats outside the auditorium are new! Gosh, it's like I've always been accustomed to the old seats, the ones that have literally remained unchanged for as long as I can remember, and now their gone, replaced with fake plastic looking hard uncomfortable awkward ones. Okay, change is the only constant and all that philosophical stuff.

Woke up on Saturday at 8am, went to school to play basketball with Chee Sheng, Wei Kit and Hao Xiang first. Then we went for Campcraft training until 1pm? Then was a lunch break, ate at LJS, then went back to school. Boarded the bus for the Girl's Campcraft Competition.

I never knew that Home Team Academy had a swimming pool! After all the trainings, competitions, lectures, whatever. But I guess the place is so huge I probably don't know a million other things about that place.

The competition was postponed due to the rain. =X Had a bit of First Class test practice though, not exactly optimistic about my chances of passing the test. =( But whatever la, everyone thinks being good at English is a sure pass thing. It's not like I can just choose whether I want to use profound words or not. Sometimes it just flows subconsciously? But everyone's going to think I'm just showing off so there's no point explaining.

Went home for dinner, nothing much interesting after that except maybe that dinner was spaghetti. Haha I'm random. =)

Overslept for Church on Sunday. Bleah. Like I woke up at 10.30am la, which is like almost the end of service if I took the 1 hour bus ride to Church.

Went swimming in the afternoon with my father and sister. Haha. I haven't been in a swimming pool since class chalet last year. Place was super crowded though. =\

Went for dinner at Kovan. There was some promotion there giving out free Coca Cola Zero. Haha, like first time seeing so many people holding a similar object in their hands. Although I think Coke Zero tastes nothing like the real Coke. =D

That's kind of like everything that happened during Easter. Haha, nothing much la. Although it's like come next Easter O levels will have passed, and I'll either be in a JC or Poly, and I'll be so much taller than I am now(okay maybe not), and all that kind of introspective stuff.

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