Monday, 3 March 2008

Decompostition. Chapter Four.

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When Michael finally started to think about where he was going, he realized that he was running home. He was unconsciously avoiding anything organic. And he didn’t notice the weird stares from the random cars passing by. Michael started to think about the way the tree groaned, tears falling from his eyes.

By the time Michael reached home, he was near hysteria, looking around wildly and not slowing down even though he struggled for breath. He hammered on the door.

“Mum! Mum! Open Up! Please Open Up! Please Mum Please!” Michael shouted to the tall mahogany door.

Michael’s mind flashed back suddenly to the time they had first moved into the house, thinking about how excited he had been, asking his parent’s if he could go to that nearby cage and play soccer.

“That…damned…cage.” Michael muttered to himself, relentlessly pounding on the door and gasping for air.

After what seemed like an eternity, there was a loud click as the door was unlocked. Without thinking and without warning, Michael was suddenly overwhelmed and forgot about everything. All he wanted was his mother now. Michael pushed the door opened and hugged his mother tightly, tearing streaming from his eyes and his chest heaving rapidly.

“Mum oh mum I’m sorry I’m so sorry I know I’m wrong the cage the ball the leaves the groans oh the tree oh” The mutters dropped to a whisper.

“Why Michael, what’s wrong? You know that I…I…”

Suddenly, it hit Michael like a cold bucket of water splashed over his head.

“No Mum no please not you too! PLEASE MUM NO MUM NO NOT YOU!!” Michael started shouting in agony. Leaves decomposing were bad, a tree decomposing was worse, but his own mother…

“I…I…” his mother’s voice dropped to a dead whisper as black patches began to appear all over her skin, “I love you Micha.” She never finished that last word, as Michael’s screams drowned out all other noise. Looking like someone whom had just fainted, she fell to the floor with her eyes wide open yet blank.

The black spots appearing on her skin looked like cancer, and she started to shrivel up like a dehydrated corpse. The worst part of it all was, she was still alive.

Then the groaning began. The groans sounded inhuman, hollow and empty. They didn’t seem to be coming from her mouth, but from inside her, as though her very insides were groaning in agony.

Her eyes became shriveled balls before bursting with a pop sounds and exposing the bloody sockets underneath. Her skin also started to shrivel up and was almost completely black. Her hair simply started to (fuse) melt together and drip off her forehead like black tar.

Michael’s mother started to groan louder, sounding like a dying man’s last, raspy, breath. In a way, she was dying, but at an accelerated pace.

Her body continued to shrivel until nothing was left except skin and bones. Still she was alive, groaning in a way that was worse than Michael’s screams and the tree’s groans combined. Suddenly, her fingernails simply blacked into liquid and joined a growing pile of sludge on the floor.

Soon, nothing was left except a few bits of false teeth and the ring Michael’s mother always wore floating around in yet another black pile of sludge, which had also started to seep into the hardwood floor.

Michael’s screams turned to sobs of mingled grief and agony.

Yay okay that's the end. About 2500 words in total, so it's more like an essay then a short story. =) Thought of this story one night when I suddenly wondered what it would be like to watch a time lapse video of a human decomposing. Wrote the first 2 chapters on that same day, then finished the rest in bits and pieces. =D

Read everything in one shot here.

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