Saturday, 8 March 2008


Okay, shall just mash everything that happened last week in one post. =D

Tuesday: Had letter writing for Chinese, received a SBQ to do for History, did corrections for Physics test, Matrices for Maths, and a composition for English. Then Chinese extra lessons after school where we had to do a mock exam paper, then stayed back for NPCC meeting, then went home.

Wednesday: Can't remember what happened during lessons, but I know there was Chemistry extra lessons, then stayed back to do proposal at the library. Got chased out when the library closed so we went to the canteen.

Thursday: There was a camp briefing after assembly, and the first half of PE was gone by the time it finished. And it was raining so all the classes were squeezed into the hall and took turns playing floorball. English extra lessons after school, Miss Quan gave us a muffin each. O.o So cool la, like how many Secondary School teachers are willing to spend a small portion of their salary buying muffins for their class.

Friday: Social Studies was on how to write a structured essay, then we watched a video for Geography, History was on Cold War. No NPCC after school cause of Parent Teacher Meetings, so went for lunch at Hougang Mall with Stephen, View Meng, Fiona and Li Jing. Walked around Hougang Mall for a while after that then went to View Meng's house to kill time. Laughed about some recent events. ;)

Then was PTM, results wereare rather horrid. Like I failed Mathematics and Combined Humanities. Can you imagine it? Minghui failing humanities. Bleah. Walked around the school with my mother showing her all the scary places whilst waiting for our turn. Then didn't go for supper with the usual people cause my father was picking us up. Went for supper at the Kopitiam opposite Punggol Park instead. Then went home.

Saturday: Spent the entire morning and afternoon at home slacking around. Slept until around 10am before finally waking up. =D Went out for dinner at Kovan, then went back home. Went down to the playground with my sisters to play basketball cause there's this new basketball court next to my home. =) Played until around midnight, then went home.

Sunday: Went for Church, then stayed back for worship meeting in the afternoon. Didn't practice with the band cause of the upcoming camp this Friday. =/

Monday: Yay Holidays! =D Went school for NPCC meeting, then went to Beach road with a bunch of Sec 1s. Bought Sergeant rank, ate lunch, then went home.

Yay that's everything. Okay, it isn't exactly details or anything, but I can't really find time to blog nowadays. Holidays are worse than school days and I have a mountain of homework. =(

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