Monday, 17 March 2008


Okay I'm like sick now. Can't stop sneezing every few seconds. Gah.

Anyways, woke up on Sunday at the amazing time of 10pam. Around 12 hours of non-stop sleep. Of course, the usual sore muscles and cramps where there when I woke up. It's like a standard thing after any NPCC camp. And it was my father's birthday on Sunday. =D

Spent the morning doing Geography homework. Blee. My sis was studying a more detailed version of plate tectonics for her homework whilst I'm doing O level questions on plate tectonics and volcanoes.

Went for lunch at Jack's Place at Ang Mo Kio. =D Haven't eaten there in a long time. The place is now like, so different? Ate a ribeye steak, then went walking around Ang Mo Kio. Went home after that to do more homework.

Haha, I'm kind of satisfied to an extent that I managed to complete 2 O level questions for Geography, a worksheet for Chemistry, and 3 Maths questions. Okay there's still an essay for
History, more Maths questions, Chinese homework, and English. But we can always think positive right? =D

Went for dinner at the kopitiam near my house, then bought a small cake for my father secretly. Haha, but we were so full after dinner that we didn't eat the cake. =X

Monday was the start of term 2. Blarh. Had an attire check for all upper secondary students. Yay and Minghui is such a good student that the teacher did not look at him once! Okay maybe that's because I'm sitting right in front of the teacher and she was looking ahead at the rest of the class.

No Swimming Evolved to No PT during recess. Kind of weird how the 'code' transforms huh? From BD to BH to BHD to HG to BHG to Mercury to No Swimming to No PT. ;) /inside joke.

Was sneezing throughout most of the lessons. Horrible la. How can one concentrate when you have to reach for a piece of tissue every few minutes? English was the worst cause I started having a headache for no apparent reason. Slept on an off during English. =\

Went for lunch with Joshua and Hao Xiang at KFC, went home after that and slept from about 3.30 to 7. So now I'm suffering from sleep overdose. Soon I can be classified as hibernating or something, given that I've slept for 23+ hours the past 2 days.

Time for more sleep. =D

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