Saturday, 8 March 2008


Okay, haven't updated about my life for such a long time already.

Last Sunday was my younger sister's birthday. =) Okay to be honest I didn't exactly realise that fact until that Friday. And it was Jude's birthday too and I also didn't know. =X

I'm horrible with birthdays la, or maybe it's just that everything has just been hectic lately. =(

Anyways, shared a present with my old sister. Bought her two bears from the bear workshop. =D

Woke up at around 9am on Sunday, went for Church.

Sermon was insightful, and watched commissioning of new leaders in my church too. =D

Went to Yishun for lunch after that. Ate at Swensons cause it's my sister's birthday mah. =P

Went home after that, then there wasn't anything else interesting that happened.

Monday was school. Sigh, last week of term 1 so this is the time when all teachers start spamming homework.

Lessons were all boring, cause I kind of forgot what happened during lessons already.

Haha, Monday was also Stephen's birthday! =D Went to watch a movie after school at Cathay with Alvin, View Meng, Wei Ting, Denise, Chee Hock, Anson, Weane, can't remember who else already cause it all happened 5 days ago. =/

Anyways, we wanted to watch Meet The Spartans, but it was NC16 and we ended up watching L Change The World. Okay, so I watched it already. Okay, so I'm watching it at the exact same cinema I watched it at the other time. Okay, so I'm sitting exactly 1 row and 2 seats away from where I sat the last time.

Cinema itself was not as filled up as the last time I went, and this time all the eyes bleeding, sore boils parts had Denise and Wei Ting two seats away going :"Oh my Gosh! Eee!" Like surround sound effects or something.

Movie ended, and the rest went home except for Chee Hock, Anson, Stephen and me. Went to Subway at Plaza Sing for dinner. =D Eat Fresh.

Took MRT home, walked with Anson part of the way cause he also lives at Punggol. Yay, there's an ever expanding list of people I know living in Punggol. =D

Okay that's what happened to me on Sunday and Monday.

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